Swim and Spin day!

Jan. 3, 2014

Fridays are usually a rest day for me, but today was a special day, so my rest day this week will have to be Sunday.

I usually have to work Fridays, but I took today off. So, I started the morning with a swim workout with my masters group. We did about 3,400 yards, and it was great to finish the entire workout with them for once! Although, I didn’t realize that at the end of each workout, when Coach Greg Writes “Warm Down” that this is what he means:

BRILLIANT! We all then went for pancakes to celebrate a birthday in the group, which pretty much made it the best morning ever!

Later that day….

My Tri Club hosts “Friday Night Rides” once a month at the downtown Appleton YMCA, and I love them. These are 2-hour spin classes, and we go out for food afterwards. Tonight was one of those nights!

Such a good day, but now I’m super tired and headed to bed! G’night everyone!

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