Swimming day (and Meet Coach Greg)!

Jan. 3, 2014

Today was a swimming day. On Thursdays, I try to swim with a semi-formal group of masters swimmers at the 20th avenue YMCA in Oshkosh. I have found swimming with a group to be a wonderful way to challenge myself, especially with speed work. And everyone in the group is amazing. It’s always motivating to get up and get to the pool when you know you’ve got supportive people there ready cheer you on throughout your workout!

Due to my work schedule, I usually can’t stay through the entire workout, so I try to get in early, and then do as much of the group work out with everyone as I can before I have to get going. Usually there’s at least some other lap swimmers there, but today there was no one, which was nice and peaceful:

The whole pool no one in it


Me Lane

Then Greg Hollub got there early too. Greg likes to think he’s “in charge” of our workouts….

Greg and I

A little about Greg, taken from the Fox Valley Wave Swim Team page, might help explain why:

“Coach Greg Hollub brings a wealth of experience to the coaching staff.  Coach Hollub initiated his love for competitive swimming while a member of the Waukesha South High School team.  After graduating from UW Oshkosh, he decided to return to Waukesha South and coach the Mens and Womens swim teams there.  He remained a valuable part of the Waukesha South program for thirty years.  In addition to coaching at camps in Wisconsin and Minnesota and training Masters swimmers, he recently coached the Sturgeon Bay High School to a state championship. Coach Greg is the lead coach for the Gold age group swimmers.”

In addition to getting extra time to stand around and chat, which is always appreciated ;) , Coach Greg took some of that time to watch a little of my swimming and gave me individual feedback and tips. Thanks so much Coach Greg!!

Hope you all had a good day as well!


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