153 Days, by Corby

Feb. 17, 2014

In 153 days, I will stand at the starting line of Racine 70.3.

In 153 days, I need to be more fit and less fat.

In 153 days, I need to be more psychologically prepared.

In 153 days, I need to not fail.

This year hasn’t exactly started out the way I had planned, which is both good and bad for me. I have an incredibly irrational need for things to work out properly in my life. This usually means that I set goals—I set them loftily—then I make myself miserable trying to reach them.

I buy a Garmin to make myself move faster. I become vegan to lose weight. I become Paleo to lose weight. I practice meditation, prayer, walking and resting to focus my mind. I run every day or I swim every day or I bike every day. Or I don’t at all.

I’m every extreme, and my extremism wears on me. Damages my body. Stresses my mind. Makes me fail. Time and again.

I don’t—even though I pretend I do—try moderation. In my last post, I talked all about how I was going to try this thing called moderation, then I promptly tried a thing I like to call “eat everything in sight and do no exercise.”

This is NOT effective triathlon training. And I am miserable for it.

So, here I go, the antithesis of my friend Teresa. I will start over again. With moderation. I will change one food thing and one exercise thing.

To be held accountable, here is what I’ve decided to do: BRING BACK THE JOY! I am leaving Paleo behind for a more joyful way of eating. I’ll eat what I love, but only when I am hungry. I do a lot of mindless eating. While grading. While reading. While writing.

Food should bring joy, not mindlessness, so I’m going to try to change this one thing about food. I bought some gluten-free whole grain bread and almond butter, and one of my wife’s patients gave her some delicious homemade jelly. I have bananas and oranges for breakfast, and I am going back to the days of PBJ for lunch. Then, when I get home, I’ll cook a good dinner of meats and vegetables.

Each morning at around 6AM before I head to school, I will run one mile. If I feel like more, I’ll do more. If I only run a mile, well, at least I’ve run a mile.

Moderation equals PBJ and one mile.

153 days.


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