And we’re back!

April 17, 2014

Well, the Oshkosh half marathon turned out to be quite the kick in the pants. I was almost as sore and tired as I was after a full marathon! My Tri Fox mentor Amy warned me that after a great run like that, I should take a good solid two days of rest, maybe swim on the third day. My friends will be proud to hear that I actually listened to her, which was easy to do since I was so tired!

But today was Wednesday….and today I was feeling better. :) So we’re back to training! Wednesdays are a swim morning, so I started with that – remember, Amy said I could swim on the 3rd day – so I did the 3,500 yard workout my training plan called for. And here’s the proof:

morning swim

As for the night time workout…I had been texting with Greg about a possible wednesday night workout the other day, because we often do a workout on Wednesday night. He wanted to run because he’s amping up for the Door County Half Marathon on May 3rd. I wasn’t so sure about running, until I saw a fun run on facebook and the only two words that can get me to do a workout when I’m really tired and don’t want to: FREE BEER.

So, we joined the Run Away Shoes pub run at The Bar in Appleton. My friend Norman was there too!!:

Norman Greg and I Run Away Shoes run

Wednesdays are typically swim/bike, and Thursdays run/swim, so I’ll just swap the run and the bike. I’m not going to Kona, relax, it’ll be fine. Here’s what we ran:

Run Away Shoes April Pub runPub Run Splits

I did not intend to run that fast. I told Greg to do whatever pace he wanted and not to worry about me, since he was the one in peak training, and I was in recovery, and he did which was great. I ended up falling in behind Tom, who knew where he was going. I did not, and my map got all sweaty and I couldn’t read it. So, I had to run fast enough to keep Tom in front of me. (And did you notice I slowed with each mile? Yep. Sure did.) This was literally the only reason I pushed the pace when I probably shouldn’t have. Tom was great too, seeing as he didn’t volunteer to be my personal pacer. We chatted after the run and he was worried he wasn’t running fast enough for me. I assured him he was being ridiculous. ;)

Here is many of us after the run:

The Group

Speaking of talking to awesome people…this moment happened:

Me: …”Yeah, I finished the half right behind some guy running in sandals and a kilt…”

Guy: “Hey! That was me!”

And he was great! You know you’re in for a good chat when you’re talking to a guy who knows more about running in a skirt than you do. And we had a great discussion about barefoot running! I learned a lot, I really did.

And I got my free beer*…AND a free pair of socks** which I didn’t expect.

Beer and Socks 2

Greg, Norman and I had a great time talking after the run. Bryan also joined us, and got to know him more, which was awesome because I haven’t gotten to talk to him before, really. Super nice guy, totally glad we’re friends now. It was seriously such a great time.

Hope you guys had a great Wednesday too!! Happy Hump Day!!

*Alright, alright…I had two beers. You’re killing me with this being honest stuff! They were New Glarus Fat Squirrels which I’m currently really enjoying. I did, however, resist the deep fried bar food AND pulling through Taco Bell on my way home, which was quite difficult for me. Instead, I ate the tofu and veggie wraps I had waiting for me in the fridge instead. It’s like I knew I’d be hungry after running and drinking or something ;) They were not as good as Taco Bell, but it was the right thing to do. *sigh*

**I took a second pair as I left and no one noticed…score!!! Do you see that giant box of socks in the group picture? There were plenty. Hehe :)


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