Apricot and Cashew Energy Bars

Feb. 20, 2014

Today I’m going to show you and review the recipe I found for Apricot and Cashew Energy Bars that I ate after Cross Country Skiing with my Tri Club. Here are the ingredients:

Apricot Cashew Energy Bars Ingredients

Pulse the cashews, and then the apricots (separately) in a food processor. Do the Cashews first and set them aside. Do the apricots second – you can leave the apricots in there, because then you’re going to add all the ingredients (the coconut oil didn’t show in this photo, but it’s there – and the Cashews are added last):

Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 5 text WWhrrrrrrrrr….Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 7

The recipe calls for putting it all into an 8-inch pan, which I did, but they ended up pretty thin:

Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 8Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 12

So the next time I made them, I put them in a smaller Pyrex container I had. This essentially makes them twice as thick, which I prefer:

Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 17Apricot Cashew Energy Bars 16

Training Peaks tells me the total calories for the whole recipe of these bars is 1624 calories. That makes 1/4 about 406 calories, or 203 for 1/8 which is what the recipe calls for. Here’s the breakdown for Macronutrients:

Apricot Cashew Energy Bars

As you can see, they’re a little high on fat, but that’s not a big concern for me, especially because there’s a lot of good fats in there, from the cashews.

Pros: I love the flavor of these bars! As much as I love chocolate, it’s nice to have something not chocolate every now and then. These are perfect for that. They’re obviously pretty easy to make, too.

Cons: The only big con I see is that these are sorta greasy/melty. I assume this is because of the coconut oil, which has a low melt rate. Coconut oil is a solid fat at room temp, but will melt on your finger. So, I’m not sure how these would do in the summer or after a lot of contact with your skin like after being stuffed in a jersey pocket during a bike ride. Then again, it’s not like you’re not already sweaty and gross during a long bike, so it’s probably ok ;)



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