Aurora BayCare Triathlon!

May 31, 2014

Tomorrow is the first official triathlon of the season!!! My birthday is on Tuesday, and I always try to do a race around my birthday to celebrate cuz I’m a geek like that. Last year was Grandma’s Marathon, and this year it’s the Aurora BayCare Triathon in Green Bay to kick off the triathlon season! I don’t have a race plan or a goal time. The whole point of this tri is to have a blast y’all!

AND…in line with this…do you know what the BEST part is? I get to do it with some of the coolest kids around, which make is *so* much more fun!!

Shannon, lifeguard extraordinaire, is doing her first tri!!!

Shannon and I

And LuAnn!!

LuAnn and I croppedAnd Deb too!!

Deb and I Selfie

And you all know Greg – he’s doing the Olympic with me AND WE’RE IN THE SAME WAVE!! This means I will see him for all of 3 seconds before he blows by me on the bike. Try not to embarrass me too much, ok buddy!? But I’m still excited about it!

Greg and I bunny ears selfie

If I have missed anyone….I’m sorry!!

Hey look where we get to swim:

The Lake

My mentor Amy was there helping with Packet pick-up today and I asked her if I would be able to actually swim in that giant puddle, and she starting laughing and said “no” without missing a beat.

On the plus side, I am hereby announcing that I will climb up and go down the slide during the race once for every $50 people give me – See me in transition before the race to pre-pay. Cash only. ;)

Here’s Amy giving me my bib!

Amy Packet Pick up

And Amy, Greg, his sister – it’s her first tri too!!! – and myself at packet pick-up:

Group of us at pick up

I missed these fine ladies at packet pick-up, but was told this selfie was taken in part due to my love of selfies, so in the blog it goes!! ;)

LuAnn Deb Shannon Packet Pickup

I’m going to be decked out in tri fox gear!

Tri Kit

AAHHHH I’m so excited!! Can’t think of anything else to write – Except GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!! :)


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