Jan. 6, 2014

Q: What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf?
A: “You hang around while I go on ahead.”
You smiled – don’t lie! :) In all seriousness folks, you need to dress warmly if you’re going to run outside today in Wisconsin, as we are definitely having that “Polar Vortex” effect today:
Despite my New Year’s Day run, it was definitely too cold for my tastes for anything outside, but if you feel brave (read:crazy), here are some tips:

Cold Weather Running Tips – New York Road Runner’s Association (They are the running group affiliated with the New York City Marathon)

Tips for running in sub-zero weather – Runners world.

What I Wear: Cold Weather Running – DC Rainmaker.

And then you’ll be ready to run a marathon in Antarctica:)

Anyway, I would highly recommend the treadmill today! If you’re new to treadmill running, here’s a good introduction video:

How to Run on a Treadmill

And two good posts about working out on a treadmill:

Running on a Treadmill – Runner’s World

Think Outside The Mill –

Ironically, I declared today a biking day rode Delores for about an hour and a half in her indoor trainer, because I didn’t even want to make the trip to the YMCA to get on the treadmill. So…yeah. But it was a good workout! Until the end anyway. The reason it was “about” an hour is because right near the end I heard a knock on the door of my apartment, and the knocker said they were the fire department. A quick glance out the window confirmed a giant red fire truck right outside, so I quickly jumped off Delores and ran to the door (Does that count as a transition run? ;) ). Apparently someone somewhere in my building set off an alarm, and they were trying to find it. Now let me tell you – there are very few people for whom I will open the door wearing just my spandex bike shorts and sports bra, but the Fire Department is actually one of them! They were very polite and professional, though, while they briefly looked around to make sure everything was ok, which it was. I then declared the workout over. :)

Epilogue: They left in their truck shortly after that, and it appears everything and everyone in my building is fine.

Stay safe and warm everyone!


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