Bike Expo, Run, and brunch!

March 23, 2014

Today started out with a Bike Swap in Oshkosh at the Sunnyview Expo Center, sponsored by the Oshkosh Cycling Club. I took so many pictures, I think I’ll do a post just on that in near future. For the record – I was VERY GOOD at the expo and DID NOT buy anything despite much temptation. :)

But speaking of bikes…look who’s back!!


That’s funny, that xlab carbon wing and two bottle cages weren’t on her when I dropped her off….but I guess since they’re on there now, I’ll keep them! ;)

Later, Greg and I went for a run.

Now, I never know what exactly I’ll be whining about during a workout, but I almost always find something to whine about. Today it was starting out whining about the cold. It was cloudy and windy and cold, cold, cold. I put on multiple layers, gloves, hat, and so on. HOWEVER, that quickly changed, as no less than 2 miles into our run the sun broke free of the clouds. Sunlight was shining, birds were chirping, and Mother Nature starting laughing her butt off at us sweating and overheating in all our winter gear. So I switched to whining about being too hot. I’m pretty sure if you had stuck a thermometer in my sports bra it would have read 1000 degrees!!

So we cut the 7-8 mile run a bit short, for just under 7. Here’s what we ran:

Oshkosh Run 3 22 14

And here are the splits – we did push it at the end sorta on purpose. I really just wanted to be done and shed some layers!!

Garmin Lap Data 3 22 14

Once again, very good pace that I was very happy with!

We technically started and finished at the Downtown YMCA, but then we went out for Brunch at Pilora’s Cafe,so that is today’s finish line. Now, you know I don’t normally care for pancakes (HA!) but I figured I would give the Corn Bread Pancakes with some pecans in them a fair chance. I’m glad I did – they were GREAT!

Corn Pancakes

Hope you had as good of a Saturday as I did!


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