Day late and a dollar short

May 12, 2014

Well, it’s a been a crazy weekend! I didn’t get home until about 11pm Saturday night, AND I had to turn around and get to Milwaukee by 7am the next morning, so I chose sleep over you. Sorry…but only a little. :)

You: So, does that mean you were out partying like a rock star then?

HAHAHA. Right. I started the morning by cheering on Greg and several other friends who were running the Sole Burner 5k in Appleton.

Sole Burner:

Here’s Greg doing great at about mile 1, looking strong!:

Greg Sole Burner croppedSome of the other Tri Foxes made sure were were representin’ too:

Tri Fox FlagTri Fox Group

Ironman Course

After the race and some chat time at Starbucks with Greg, it was time to meet Amy and Jenny and head to Madison. We left Oshkosh at 11:30am, and by the time we got there, rode for about 3.5 hours plus some stops, had dinner, and drove back, it was very late, dear reader. But totally worth it! Amy, my tri fox mentor, had a super special workout planned for me. See, my training plan called for a 3-4 hour ride, and as it turns out, that’s enough time to ride one loop of the course WITH HILL REPEATS. YAY!!!

You remember the elevation profile from the first time I rode it, yes? Of course you do, you’re as obsessed with Ironman Wisconsin as I am. Ok, just in case you’re not, here it is:

Ironman Wisconsin Elevation Profile Text

So here’s what I rode according to my lie detector:

Ironman Hill Repeat Elevation Map Marked

Yeah…super, super special. Especially climbing Old Sauk 3 times. It looks like we did Timber Ln 3 times as well, but we didn’t, we just rode back really, really far before climbing it again and it involved more elevation than I thought it would. Actually Jenny was leading at that point, and Amy and I just sorta stopped…Picture it:

Me: “Is she going all the way back?”

Amy: “I dunno, but I’m stopping. Hey have you tried that new Bonk Breaker Bar yet?”

Me: “Oooh good Idea. Let’s stand around and have a snack instead of chasing her. She’ll figure it out eventually.”

And she did, even managing to hitch a ride on the back of another random triathlete’s wheel for a free pull back to us. She shouted a thank you to him for it and he shouted that he didn’t mind because she asked him so nicely (she didn’t ask him…she just started riding behind him). Really, he was totally smiling and I think he found it amusing. Gotta love our community. :) And the Bonk Break bar was good, btw, haha!


Since I’m Amy’s kit (that’s what a baby fox is called), the Kit gets to climb, and the Fox gets the phone. So I have a video of me topping Old Sauk for the 3rd time! You should totally watch it below or by clicking here. It doesn’t look like much, but that’s cuz it’s at the top!


Speaking of climbing, let me actually introduce Jenny (should have done that before!), who also rode with us, she’s in the Tri Fox Kit:

Teresa Amy Jenny 3Jenny is a great cyclist, and a great climber. We quickly established a routine while climbing….Picture it:

Me: “Hi Jenny”

Jenny: “Hi Teresa”    2 seconds later…

Me: “Bye Jenny”

Jenny: “Bye Teresa.”

But that’s ok! Like I said, Jenny is really a great rider. Hopefully some day I can be as good as her. And it was totally great that we could all ride in one car together, and that much of the way back to Oshkosh Jenny gave me lots of tips about where to ride in the area. Love it – thanks Jenny!

Some Data

I did really well this ride. I was much, much better with shifting, and with descending too. This helped increase my miles per hour for the course, though this number can’t be directly compared to last time I did the loop since it’s got the hill repeats in there. I do think it suggests progress though, and that my goal time may be attainable afterall. But look at my Max Speed – Look, Look!!:

Ironman Hill Repeat SpeedYay!! I’ve never gotten that high before. I’m pretty sure that happened going down Garfoot, but it could have been another spot too. I felt so much more confident letting go of the brake. And Amy even told me she could tell how much I had improved with gearing, descending, and my position. Such a great compliment!

Random pics:

Here are some random photos.

I just love this picture of Witte Road that Amy took while I was riding back to do it again. It’s the very, very tail end of Witte Road. Witte Road

For the record, Witte Road sucks a lot more going backwards than the regular way. In fact, most of the course turned out to be that way. As we informed Amy of this, she said something to the effect of always wondering why she saw so many people riding the course backwards. Well, we have the answer: Ironman athletes are even more cray cray than we thought. In related news, I’m totally riding it backwards someday :)

This is the gravel Rail-to-Trail we did our 2 mile brick run on – the parking lot is to the right:

Rail to Trail

The run was ok for a Brick run. Not much more to say about it.

Since our last time out, someone has marked the course pretty well with these arrows:

Course Arrow

I recently decided I haven’t given Ironman enough of my money, so I gave them a little more in exchange for a pair of tri shorts (most of my shorts don’t fit me anymore) and some calf sleeves that are totally a preview of my m-dot tattoo:

Teresa Ironman Calf Sleeve 2Let’s end with a great photo! These are two of the best girls out there! Thanks again for putting up with me for the entire ride! :)

Jenny Amy smilingHave a great week everyone!

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