Finally a ride OUTSIDE!!

April 7, 2014

I finally got to ride Delores outside today!!! For the first time this season!!!

First Ride of the Year 2And of course, I had to wear my fat tire jersey (yay beer!) and rainbow arm warmers (yay gay pride!) to keep it relaxed and festive (meaning: keep the bar low for the first ride of the year, haha).

OOOH!!! – I got a compliment from my neighbor on my jersey. He grills in front of his garage Sunday afternoons in the summer. I’m not joking. He grills every. Single. Sunday. It was the first time I’ve seen him grilling this summer so I guess it’s a “first day of summer” for both of us in our respective hobbies ;)

Anyway, here’s what we rode:

Garmin bike map 4 6 14

It was 18.75 miles total over the course of 1 hour and 12 minutes.

“Teresa, why didn’t you do the 2-3 hours your training plan wanted you to do?”

“Well, let’s just take a look at the weather…”

Garmin Weather Bike 4 6 14

When they say “15 mph winds” I’m pretty sure they left off a zero and meant 1500 mph winds, that’s why! Riding south down Meade St. for that long stretch was crazy hard. It was the kind of wind where you get a big gust and you have lean the bike just to stay upright. And I love having to pedal my butt off to go 13 mph DOWNHILL. On the plus side, I got lots of practice in illegally drafting off Greg’s wheel….hehe…Thanks Greg! :)

We got to Plamann Park and Greg asked me “Have you been drinking?” “To which I replied “I’ve been white knuckling my handlebars and trying not to die…so that would be a no.” And then we drank. And then we went north, and the headwind turned into a tailwind and I was able to get my speed up just a wee bit on one downhill:

Garmin Bike MPH 4 6 14

Neither one of us wanted to take a second loop, so we didn’t. Keeping the bar low, remember? I went right into a brick run then. Because I cut the bike short, I really pushed the pace for the just about 5k route around Greg’s neighborhood:

Garmin run 4 6 14Garmin run splits 4 6 14

I was super happy with that pace after 1.25 hours on the bike! It also really helps that since he’s recovering from a cold and didn’t want to run (smart – recovery is important) Greg rode his new cross bike next to me. That will make you feel like you’re running very slow, let me tell you!

Overall, great training day! Super, super fun to get out on the actual bike. :)


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