First day!

March 18, 2014

It’s first official day of Ironman training! We are officially 24-weeks out from Ironman Wisconsin!

Mondays are a swim day. Because the weekend is usually intense training, Mondays are a bit of a recovery swim. These swim workouts are aerobic, with a focus on technique and drills. Today’s workout called for 3,000 yards. Without listing the entire workout here, this is a summary:

600 yard warm-up

600 yards kicking drills

1,000 yards side kicking drills

500 yards catch up drills

300 cool down.

….except I hate kicking. My legs were tired, and I barely move when I kick. Really! It’s a marvel of physics. I did 10 x 100s on 2-minutes, a set I really like, instead of the side kicking portion, cuz 600 yards of kicking drills was enough for me.  That’s right – on my first official day of my training plan  didn’t really follow the training plan! I’d say we’re off to a great start!! ;)

Also – Happy Belated Birthday Coach Greg!!!! Coach Greg was at the pool this morning life guarding so I stopped my workout periodically to talk to him as he walked the pool deck. It was his birthday last Friday and I missed it because I can’t make Friday swims in the morning. So I wanted to hear all about what he did. He said all master’s swimmers wrote down their favorite memories of him and gave them all to him. He said he cried, which I thought was very sweet. Totally made my day, and a totally great way to break up a workout :)


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