Good decisions, bad decisions…

April 26, 2014

Today is a rest day, but my training plan allows me to do a short workout, like an hour bike ride, if I want to. Greg has been sick this week but was feeling better today and a little ride sounded good to him. He joined me in Oshkosh and we did a 1-hour ride:

rest day bike ride

We did a pretty good pace, but we were slowed some by winds. Can you look at the graph below and guess what portion of the ride we a tailwind (behind you, pushing you) for? ;)

Rest Day Bike Ride Speed

The ride was a good decision – I think. We’ll see, as I still have my hardest weekend workouts ahead of me.

I then had a salad afterwards. I was a very nice salad. It had fresh broccoli, sunflower seeds, prunes, squash…all kinds of good things. Why? Because I was going to meet up with a friend at a bar for a celebration she was having with her coworkers and I knew I could be tempted to make poor dietary choices in such an establishment. I often pre-eat a healthy meal before going out to help with this type of temptation.

……It didn’t work.

They had cake. And veggie “wings.” And of course, beer – happy hour price beer.

IMG_2887And later, there were abandoned carbohydrates just laying around:

IMG_2889Seriously? You can’t just leave carbs laying around unattended, people! They looked so lonely and sad….so I put them out of their misery. ;)

And so, today’s motto is:

Resistance is futile


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