Have swimsuit, will travel. Northeast YMCA Sun Prairie

Feb. 15, 2014

This weekend I’m spending in Madison, WI with my mom! Due to a meeting at work on Thursday, I didn’t get to swim in the morning like I usually do. So, I stopped on my way to Madison for that swim. Today’s finish line is the Northeast YMCA in Sun Prairie, WI.

Northeastern YMCA MapNortheast YMCA outside

This YMCA wasn’t all that exciting. The pool area had a competition size pool, and a little wading pool for the kids, but it wasn’t very fancy. Certainly not like the new YMCAs are.

Northeast YMCA Pool long shot

For the competition pool, where I swam, they had two lanes for adult lap swim, and the rest of the pool was open for open swim. It was pretty empty today, I think because it was a Friday afternoon, and Valentine’s Day. I did have to wait a little for a lane, but because it was not very busy, I just sorta made my own lane to the direct right of the two designated ones. Then I moved over in to the other lane. I swam the following workout:

Pull, Swim, Pull

3×200 choice w/fins w/:20 sec rest
10×50 2x(2 kick, 2 drill, 1 swim) w/:30 sec rest
2×150 pull w/:40 sec rest
2×150 swim w/:30 sec rest
2×150 pull w/:20 sec rest
2×150 swim w/:15 sec rest
100 cool down
*2400 Total*

Its a Sara McLarty workout. She writes a workout each Friday on Triathlete magazine’s website. The one that is linked here is obviously not the same one as the one I did, but it takes you to her column, and you can find more. She typically give A, B, and C distances, with the A being 4,000+ yards, the B 3,000+ yards, and the C workouts being 2,500 or so yards. I chose I C workout because it’s Friday and I was kinda tired. I was happy at 2,400 yards.

Northeast YMCA Pool

Oh! And they didn’t have towels at this Y! Seriously. I didn’t see any in the locker room, and I worried they were at the front desk and I didn’t see them, so I got out to the pool area and had to ask the lifeguard about it, and they said they don’t give them out. But when I explained I didn’t have one because I’m from out of town and didn’t know that, he found one for me. That was incredibly sweet of him. Still, it was very unusual for a YMCA, based on my experiences.

After the swim I wandered around a bit and found the spin bikes…a row of old ones in the hallway! They must roll them into a room for spin classes? Or they just put them there? I dunno.

Northeast YMCA spin bikes in hall 2

The cardio and weight area was kinda small, but it was fine. It was upstairs and overlooked a gym and the pool.

Northeast YMCA machines

It’s pretty cold here tonight, so stay warm tonight everyone!

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