I’m a V.I.P.

Feb. 9, 2014

This Saturday started out with a 9 mile run at the Appleton YMCA. Today was the day of theSeroogy’s 5k and 15k, which I heard good things about aside from the fact that it was super, super cold again. I hadn’t already signed up for it, and decided not to do so last minute when I saw the forecast earlier this week. I didn’t run with the Pacesetters either, mostly because I think nearly all of them were at the Seroogy’s run! I was ok with just the treadmill today.

It was a good run, too. I was on a treadmill that was limited to 30 minutes, so I ran it in three portions, and pushed the pace on each one, with a 5-10 minute break in between them. I felt good that after a 2 hour spin last night I was able to do that kind of a workout! I also had a nice conversation with the runner next to me who turned out to be a triathlete as well. He asked to try one of my free PowerBar Energy Bursts that I had during one of the breaks, which I was happy to do. He thought they were too chewy, even for eating on the bike. He told me he tends to eat just dates, rolled up tight, while on the bike. I’ll have to try that.

Later, I went to Run Away Shoes‘ VIP night. This was essentially a preview/introduction of many vendors’ 2014 product lines. You could try on a lot of things, and order it there if you wanted with a 20% discount. Most of it was pretty typical runner’s gear, just some new twists on their old product lines. However, I did notice a company I had never heard of: Hoka One Running Shoes.

Hoka Shoes TableHoka Shoes 1

From what I understood, Hoka’s goal is to create a super soft, cushioned shoe. That’s why the sole is so huge, as you can see from my friend Kristen holding a sample of just the sole:

Hoka Sole 2

Is this the pendulum swinging from the minimalist craze, to the super cushioned craze? Anyway, I tried on one of each from their line:

Hokas try on

They were better than I thought they would be – I thought I would feel like I was wearing clown shoes, but I didn’t. And they really were soft. I don’t need any new shoes since I just bought two pairs, but I probably wouldn’t have anyway. They’re just not my type of shoe, but again, nothing wrong with them. My friend Kristen and her friend Brenda each bought a pair.

Bolt Pro Bar SamplesPowerbar samples

I tried some samples of Pro Bar chews – they were good! And for trying them, the rep let me take a package home! I also tried some samples of some new PowerBar products. I really liked the wafers, it’s nice to get another texture than a typical dense energy bar.

And the best part – FREE STUFF!!!


Yes, that’s a freeze-dried icecream! Don’t ask me why – I don’t know. We decided it would be light, but hard to manage on a run ;). And a super fabulous headband! That was all in a goody-bag type thing.

Free ShirtFree carbs and beer

They also handed out free shirts! I was super happy to get one that actually fits me. AND they had free crackers and chips (yay carbs!) and beer. ALWAYS take the free carbs and beer! Always.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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