Irish Run at a good pace!

March 15, 2014

I ran with the Pacesetters again this morning. Just to be festive, I decided to wear my new Irish Beanie I picked up the other day:

Irish Beanie

I picked up one for Greg too, because we’re both volunteering at the St. Pat’s Run/Walktomorrow, and I wanted to get some Irish stuff. I completed my outfit today with a green shirt:

Greg and I St. Pats Pacesetters Run 1

So after that photo was taken, my friend Stephanie said – “Hey! Are you the one who took the photos last week?” I was like “um….yes?” She laughed and told me that apparently I got her butt in one of the photos and about 4 people on Facebook had let her know about it, hehe! I asked if we were still good and she said we totally are, and took this photo with me after the run to prove it :)

Stephanie and I St. Pats Pacesetters Run 1

I worried if I would be warm enough in just my Smart Wool base layer and that shirt, but I was fine! It was great weather:

Weather March 15

This is the route we ran, which you can see is virtually the same as what we ran last week, but 2 miles shorter, for a total of 6:

Saturday March 15

Also – I DIDN’T FALL!!! Woot!!

We did a shorter run because we agreed to push the pace. I ran an average 8:46/mile!!! I know for many people that’s typical, but that’s FAST for me!! I was so happy!

March 15 Splits

It was a small group, because I forgot that the Fox Cities Marathon Run in Reverse was today, as well as the Shamrock Shuffle in Oshkosh. Still fun though!

Oh, and before I forget – Happy Birthday Norman! Great to run with you for a bit on your birthday!

Later, I finally did it…I tempted fate and brought Delores in for her spring tune up. Watch…mother nature will reward me with an epic snowstorm, haha. :) The mechanic was great and let me back while he did a brief inspection and talked to me about Delores’ history.

Delores Spring Tune Up

Sorry the pic is bad, it didn’t look so blurry on my little iPhone screen.

They’re going to keep Delores for A WEEK. UUGHHH. But, I will survive. It will be worth it when I can take her out of the Pain Cave (aka my spare bedroom) and actually get her outside.

And this I thought was great – what fits in better with a bunch of cyclists and bike tools than a bunch of bananas? After all, endurance athletes love bananas! ;)

Bananas Bike Tools

Hope you all had a good Saturday too – and go easy on the green beer if you have any today/tomorrow!! ;)


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