Feb. 1, 2014

I just finished the 6 hour Ironride at the Appleton YMCA! What a blast!! We started at 6am and finished at noon.


The Appleton cycling studio is great! As you can see, they even have a screen which can play videos. One of the leaders, Eddie, played great pictures and a few superbowl ads for us, which was a nice change of pace and very entertaining.

I took the bike in the corner, where I belong ;)


I rode next to Amy Henning, a good friend of mine and 3 time Ironman finisher (Wisconsin x 2 and Arizona). Amy is very involved with the club, and shortly after I joined, I declared Amy my mentor, and she graciously decided that was ok :) Amy was the on who nominated me for Rookie of Year as well, for which I am totally grateful for! Amy has been such a great mentor, giving me all kinds of advice and tips, including throughout our ride today, for which I am also incredibly grateful for!

Gordy rode next to me, on the right:


Gordy is also an Ironman Wisconsin finisher, and also gave me lots of tips. Total gratitude to him too! There was a new leader/instructor for us each hour, and Gordy was our last leader. He kept joking that he was going to make us do one long hour of climbing to finish off…but in the end he did not, which was very much appreciated!


A towel draped over your handlebars should be enough to hold your nutrition.


In a real triathlon, you get a time penalty for littering…and so we joking gave each other several penalties as we threw empty wrappers to the floor ;)


I won a door prize! Woot! :)

All the 6 hour riders posed for a pic at the end of the ride :)


What a great way to spend a Saturday :) Now…I’m going to nap. G’night.


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