Long run at Mounds State Park

May 5, 2014

Today my training plan called for a 60-80 minute run. My friend Corby is a fan of running atMounds State Park, and I’ve been trying to do more trail running since it’s supposed to be easier on your body in the long run. I didn’t want to pay the entry fee, and I figured the entry fee was a sticker like it is for state parks here in Wisconsin – but I texted Corby and she told me that no, it’s a little card they give you, and she let me her card – she rocks! However, it was funny, because when I entered the park and proudly presented my card as if I came here all the time, the attendant told me today was a day the State decided to let people in for free! No card needed! haha!

Here’s me at the start of the run!

Selfie Mounds Sign

And some pics from the run. Some of the trails were nice and smooth like these:


Other sections were more rough, with some stairs, and some little creeks to jump over:


Well, here’s what I ran, according to my watch:

Mounds Run 5 4 14

The thing is, I had *no idea* where I was most of the time. That’s why some of the lines are thick – I ran those portions twice, sometimes 3 times, haha! Yeah, I had a map with me, but I generally was too lazy to look at it. I just kept running around and around and around… Here’s the same map withe mile markers added, not that it helped me figure out where I ran much:

Mounds run 5 4 14 close up with markers

Here is the summary and the splits from my lie detector:

Mounds Run 5 4 14 summaryMounds run 5 4 14 splits

Then I met up with Corby at her place. Corby was helping a family member stain a deck, and so wasn’t sure when she would be back. She promised the back door would be unlocked for me so I could come in in a shower even if she wasn’t back in time. And sure enough, it was unlocked and a fresh towel was waiting for me in the bathroom :) I have the best friends ever!!

I had lunch, and then both Corby and I took a nap. I went down *hard* for 2 hours. According to Corby I snore or do some funny breathing thing. Whatever! She said she decided not to take a video of me, for which I am incredibly grateful. Did I mention I have awesome friends? ;)

Here’s Corby and I later at Savage’s Ale House for dinner:

Corby and I

Corby works as a teacher and had to be up early the next morning, so I left her to go to bed and joined some other friends, Tambra and Paul, for Star Wars Trivia at a local drinking establishment:

Tambra Paul and I

Why Star Wars trivia? Because it’s May 4th, ya’ all! May the 4th be with you!?! Get it? Our mutual friend Stephanie and her German Shepard Tasha joined us too:

Stephanie and Tasha

Stephanie knows EVERYTHING about Star Wars. Do you know what doing Star Wars Trivia with Stephanie taught me? It taught me that I don’t know sh*t about Star Wars, that’s what it taught me! Sadly, despite her encyclopedic knowledge of all things Star Wars, we only came in second. The winning team did come over for a fist bump though, stating “that was a great nerd-off, man!” And we had a good time…that’s all that matters right? Right. Maybe…

Anyway, it’s seriously time for bed. Tomorrow’s swim is going to come too soon…and, assuming it happens at all, it’s probably going to be ugly, folks. May the 4th be with you! ;)


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