Feb. 16, 2014

Mom and I are Madison this weekend, just for fun! We wanted to get together, but both of us wanted to get away. Madison as a pretty good equal distance for us, so that’s were we met! I, of course, had to go for a run today. But where to run in Madison, when training for Ironman Wisconsin, which is in Madison….hmmm….

Madison Run February

As you can see, I ran portions of the Ironman Wisconsin Run Course :) Here’s the top of Observatory Hill:

Observatory Hill 1

And this is the lakeshore path, which was totally covered with snow and ice:

Howard Termin Lakeshore Path 1

Then I got back up to the capital, and there was a winter fest there this weekend. That was mostly good, since it meant it was all roped off, and made it great for running. I did one lap, and decided to two more, each running down to Monona Terrace, right where the finish line for Ironman Wisconsin is – so that is today’s finish line:

MLK Street 2

After the 3rd loop, I went back to the hotel. I had hoped to do 9 miles, but at a little over 7, I was COLD. I checked the weather when I got back and found out why:

Madison February Weather

Yeah, it felt about 5 degrees alright!

I warmed up, and my mom and I went to do some shopping. She does catering and loves cooking, so we hit a bunch of those types of stores. First up was Pensey’s Spices, which is always great:

Fuzzy is HOTT

I knew she would love this little store, Vom Foss, that I knew about that sells gourmet oils and vinegars. I especially liked the avocado oil, but I love avocados, so that makes sense:

Vom Foss Avacado 1Vom Foss Avacado 2

We went to another food specialty store, Wisconsin Cutlery and Kitchen Supply, which mom also enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed finding a cast iron pan shaped like Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Cast Iron 2

We then saw Philomena. It was a great day!!! I hope you all had a good day too!


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