Milwaukee Run

March 29, 2014

Today I went down to visit my friend Rachel in Milwaukee and run with her. Rachel is a an ultramarathoner who runs the group We Run This. Today she had a group run with a start and finish line at G. Groppi Food Market in Milwaukee. It’s mostly a small, high end grocery store, but it does have a little cafe/bar area too.

Milwaukee run Rachel and I

We actually sorta did 3 runs. Rachel is training for Dances with Dirt and needed to get about 20 miles in. Her group run was planned for 3 miles. So she did about 7 miles before I met her, and then together we ran for what ended up being about 8.5. That’s the long stretch down the shoreline and back. Then we got back to G. Groppis but were early. We didn’t have any better ideas of what to do, so we just kept running! That’s the other little southward jaunt. Then we did the 3 mile group run. All together it ended up being exactly 12 miles for me.

Milwaukee run March 29

We started our run together a little after the sunrise, which was pretty:

Milwaukee run Skyline

Most of the path was clear like you see in the picture above – such a treat! But there was still some winter hanging on in the shady parts:

Milwuakee run snowy path

This actually wasn’t the worst to run on. The worst was whenever we were avoiding a large puddle of water by leaving the path and running on the grass next to the path that looked like solid ground, but often turned out to be more of a marsh. Yay cold, wet, muddy socks! “High knees!” was yelled in encouragement more than once! Ah, spring.

After the run we had breakfast at G. Groppi with Rachel’s friend Jodi who did those last 3 miles with us. She was so nice, and she homebrews, which makes her a winner in my book! While running, we also discussed with Jodi the pros and cons of drinking beer while doing a long run. Wait…come to think of it…I’m not sure we came up with any cons…..


On the way home I stopped by Walter’s Swim n’ Sport to check out swim suits. The place is a hole in the wall and the service usually sucks, but they do have pretty much anything you could possibly need for swimming. You have NO IDEA how sad I was this skull swimsuit from the grab bag section didn’t fit me. Seriously. I tried it on twice! It fit on the top but it was just made for someone with a larger badonkadonk. Sad, sad day.

Skull swimsuit

Not bad for a Saturday, not bad at all! I hope you had a good day too!


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