Morning Swim, Evening Run

May 15, 2014

This morning I started with a swim workout. I dutifully wrote out my workout from my training plan and headed off to the YMCA. I was in the locker room pulling my suit on when I remembered that doing so is only helpful if you do not leave said workout on the kitchen table. Heh.

Well, I remembered it was like 3000 yards-ish or something, a little shorter than normal because the main set was a bunch of 100s and 200s at a fairly fast pace. So I went ahead and just did something sorta like that, and it was fine. Here’s the proof:

May 14 swim

Later, after work, I joined the Pacesetters for our May fun run. It was hosted at the Heckrodt Nature Center, so that is today’s finish line.

I got there without much time to spare…or so I thought. The starting talk lasted a little longer than I thought it would so I had plenty of time. Since I’m clearly too cool to listen politely, I found myself wondering what should I do with that time. And then…Oh look, an iPhone….

Amy, LuAnn and I tried to take a selfie but the crappy camerawoman’s thumb was in the way:

Amy LuAnn Selfie Thumb

Thankfully they’re good sports, so the let me try again! :)

Amy LuAnn Selfie

Then I was all “Hey Deb, I’m bored, let’s take a selfie!” and she was all “Oh Teresa, you and your selfies…” But she did it :)

Deb and I Selfie

And here’s the whole group of us:

Group Photo 2

And let me tell you – ALL THE COOL KIDS WERE THERE! Deb, LuAnn, Amy, Norman, Victoria, Brian, Alicia, Kristen, Paul, Tom, Shannon….I’m probably forgetting like a million more people…! It was so great to see everyone, but I was sad that because there were so many people there, all spread out, that I didn’t get time to talk to anyone more than just a few minutes each. :(

Greg and I did the 10k route, and we were in a surprising minority. I think this is because people are tapering for the Cellcom marathon this weekend, or because there were subs and an ice cream sundae bar waiting to be eaten after the run, but I’m not sure. Actually, Greg and I did a little more than 10k due to getting lost for a bit…maps are for wimps! ;)

Heckrodt Nature Center Splits

And here’s what we ran:

Heckrodt Nature Run

Everyone gathered in the Center after the run:

People Eatin

Norman loved this photo – “You better put that in your blog!” And so it is:

Norman Rocks

Pretty much all the subs were gone by the time Greg and I stumbled in, which honestly was fine, seeing as there were no veggie subs. Sad day! And I resisted making a giant bowl of ice cream my dinner. :) Greg had a bit of a meaty sub and then we went to a Mexican restaurant instead.

Overall though, it was such a great run!! Time for bed now.


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