Muncie Training

May 4, 2014

I’m in Muncie, Indiana this weekend! One of my best friends, Sarah, just graduated today with her Master’s in Elementary Education, and I came back for the ceremony. Here’s Sarah and her partner Celeste:

Sarah and Celeste

Congrats Sarah!!!!!

Speaking of accomplishments – congrats to all my friends who ran half marathons today! I know my friends Greg, Kristen, Deb, Norman and Katie did. I think Jenny did the Duathlon in Neenah. I hope I haven’t missed anyone, but if I did, know that I love you too!! :) Nice work everyone!

Well, just because I’m away from home, doesn’t mean I don’t have to train! Thankfully, my friends are AWESOME and totally supportive. After Sarah’s graduation, they had to attend a few other ceremonies/parties anyway, so it worked perfect for me to get my workout in. I am glad it lined up with a recovery week though, so my workout isn’t quite so long. It called for a total rest day yesterday – perfect, since I had to work in the morning and then drive 7ish hours to Indiana. Then today it called for a 2.5 hour ride with a 2 mile transition run.

I chose to go on the Cardinal Greenway. I love the Greenway! (I did my graduate work here as well). I did not swim or run much in grad school, but I rode my bike *a lot*, and I was always out on the greenway. It’s a great old rail-to-trail that is PAVED the entire way.

Today’s ride started out interesting. There was a major house fire about a block from the Wysor St. Trailhead where I planned to leave from. You could see it burning from my “transition area” aka my car:

FireFire from car

The smoke quickly blew in and surrounded the area. So I set up my run stuff for my transition run like a mad woman and Delores and I got our butts in gear. Haha – get it? A bike…getting her butt in gear… ;) I know, it’s terrible. Anyway, here’s Fuzzy ready to cheer me on to do my run, cuz he knows darn well I’m not going to want to:

Transition stuff

The fire and smoke is why there’s no “before” photo of me. The only other cyclists I saw coming into the parking lot were already coughing and asked me what was going on. I encouraged them to keep riding a little more ;) But don’t worry, I found someone to take my pic later:

Delores and I

I did a total of 51 miles, which took me a little longer than 2.5 hours, but I was having a lot of fun and just didn’t want to turn around! Here’s the proof from my lie detector:

Muncie Bike Ride 5 3 14Muncie Ride 5 3 14 summary

I saw this at one of the trailheads along the way – Apparently I’m not the only Ironman-in-training to ride the greenway :) Delores insisted on “parking” by it for a photo too.

Ironman ParkingIronman Parking Delores

I turned around at the Newman Road Trailhead, which was about 25 miles from the Wysor Street Depot where I started.

Newman Road Trailhead

I was seriously tempted to keep going all the way to Richmond. I’ve never been that far – that section of the trail was added after I moved.  But I was wise and stuck (mostly) to what my plan called for. The rest of the ride went well. No stomach issues, no problems at all.

When I got back, I quick threw Delores in the back of my car and I did a short 20-ish minute transition run:

Muncie Run 5 3 14Muncie Run Splits 5 3 14

And I ran b the house that was burning:

Fire house after bikeYeah, it burned alright! The phrase “total loss” comes to mind.

Alright, it’s late and I need to get to bed :) Hope you had a great Saturday!

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