New Running Shoes!!

Jan. 25, 2014

Well, today started out with a 9 mile run at the Neenah Menasha YMCA. I usually run with the Pacesetters sat mornings, but I had to be in Menasha at 9am for a thing for work, so it made more sense to run on the treadmill at the Y than run by myself, early in the morning, in the dark, through ice and snow. The best part of the run today was totally unexpected: since it was early in the morning (6am) when I started, the lights to the gym the treadmills overlook were off, I could see a light reflection of myself in the window.

Neenah Menasha YMCA 1

It doesn’t show as clearly here in the photo, but I had a pretty good view of myself, which allowed me to work on form a bit – I’m a shoulder huncher when I run, so I need to practice relaxing my upper body.

Running this morning also reminded me that I need new running shoes. (I’ll post more on how to know it’s time for new shoes soon). I’ve only ever run in the Brooks Adrenaline, for all my 5 marathons and the triathlons I’ve done. I mean, I did get different pairs, haha :) The Brooks Adrenaline is a stability shoe, which means it helps with pronation. Most people pronate at least a little. “Pronation is the inward movement of the foot as it rolls to distribute the force of impact of the ground as you run.”  Even though it’s natural, the forces a runner puts on their feet, and the repetitive nature of doing it for several miles each run, means that you should probably have a shoe that helps control the pronation so you don’t get injured. Hence, a stability shoe like the Adrenaline. And the Adrenaline has been so good to me! But, I can’t help but be curious about what other fish there were in the sea. So, I went running shoe shopping today!

I went to Run Away Shoes in Appleton, WI. Run Away Shoes is a partner of the Pacesetters which means 1) they are awesome and 2) I get the Pacesetters discount! :) I tried on several pairs of shoes: The new Brooks Adrenaline 14, The Brooks Ravenna 4, The Mizuno Wave 10, The Nike Zoom Structure +17, The Saucony Guide 7, and the Saucony Guide 6. I only tried on the Ravenna 4 and the Guide 6 because they were slightly on sale for being last years models. Katherine, the salesperson who helped me, and Ross, the owner who happened to stop in and also gave me his advice, were both totally awesome to work with:

Run Away Shoes 4 Ross Katherine

All the shoes felt good, except the Nike Zoom, which didn’t feel like a good fit for me at all, and personally I didn’t care for the style of the shoe. If you must know, this is also why I didn’t like the new Brooks Adrenaline – I don’t like the new colors. Yeah, yeah…it shouldn’t matter. But it does, don’t lie! :) And it endlessly irritates me that women’s running shoes seem to ALL have pink or purple, as if women can’t or don’t like other colors, but that’s a topic for another day as well. In the end, I really liked the Ravenna 4, and the Wave 10. I couldn’t decide, so I got both:

New Shoes

Welcome to the family! :) Have a great day everyone!


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