Oh spring weather

April 6, 2014

Oh, spring weather in Wisconsin. Yesterday it was a snowy-sleety-rain all day, and this morning it was still cold with lots of patches of black ice everywhere. So, Greg and I decided to play it safe and meet in Neenah for a run on the treadmill instead of running outside on the black ice. I regretted the decision to run inside later when it was beautiful out, but oh well. It’s done. My training plan called for a 60-80 minute run. Greg was hoping to do 45, so I kept it to 60 and he put up with that :). I kept about a 9-minute pace at 2% incline. It felt good, really.

Shortly after I finished my run I got word from Rachel Goeden that she PRed at the South Shore Half Marathon!! Congrats on the PR Rachel!!!

After the run, we went to Aspen Tea and Coffee for coffee (Greg) and tea (me), and I was hungry so I couldn’t resist getting this salad (minus the goat cheese):

Super Greens Salad board Super Green Salad

Later that night I went to a wedding reception for one of my office assistants, Karen. There were lots of delicious foods there, including cupcakes….but I continued to make good decisions:

Reception Food

Yes…it’s true…I actually ate fruit! AND raw vegetables – Celeste and Sarah take note! ;)

I also had a great time hanging with my other colleagues Megan (with the yellow glow necklace) and Miranda (red glow necklace). You can probably figure out which one Karen is on your own…

IMG_2752 IMG_2751

Great day…but now I’m exhausted! G’night!

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