Open water swim and run…again!

May 27, 2014

That’s right – I did another swim and run today! My great friend LuAnn wanted to do an open water swim – her first! – before she does her first sprint tri this weekend, at the same tri in which I’m doing the olympic distance. She would have come with us to swim yesterday, but she was busy kicking butt and taking names at a half marathon in Madison, WI. Well, I’m always up for hopping in the lake, so I was of course willing to meet up with her for a swim today. It was an honor to be there for her first open water swim, it really was. Here’s us before:

LuAnn and I

LuAnn did GREAT! It can be a bit scary your first time in open water, and she headed right in! Sadly, I don’t have any GPS data, because kinda sorta forgot to change my GPS watch from running to swimming…and oh my goodness was it confused with me. I didn’t figure that out until well over halfway into the swim. :/ Anyway, we mostly worked on drills during this swim – sighting, swimming with waves, and bilateral breathing. Sighting especially – It’s harder than it sounds!

And yes, mom, there were more powerboats but I kept her far, far away from them :)

Also, another fun thing happened while we were swimming. We saw two other crazy triathletes getting in! And they had yellow swim caps…could those be the yellow caps that belong to our Tri Fox club?! We swam over to say hi and THEY WERE! It turned out to be Ken and Tanya, who also were at our newbie ride on Wednesday! I forced them to take a selfie right there in the lake with me ;)

Group Selfie

We later saw two more but they were all business in their (wet)suits and didn’t really want to chat. Lame. But I did really enjoy that we saw so many other triathletes out at 10am-ish on a holiday morning!

We had a lunch, and after that, LuAnn and I ran the big hill and up to the tower area and back down to the cars. Again, she did amazing! Especially because it totally started raining buckets about half way up the hill. (Why is it always halfway up the hill?! lol) She didn’t whine at all! I could probably take some tips from her, huh? ;)

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day as well!


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