Oshkosh Half Marathon

April 13, 2014

Wow!! I had a *great* run at the Oshkosh Half Marathon!! I shouldn’t be surprised – Mom’s coffee in the morning ended up predicting I would be smiling:

Mom Coffee

And I was – ear to ear! Here’s the data from my Lie Detector (Garmin watch):

Oshkosh Half Marathon Splits 2014

And below is my official time:

Oshkosh Half Marathon 2014 official time

From what I can tell from the results page, there were 783 runners who completed the half marathon. I was #257 overall, and I was 26th out of 92 finishers in my age group. Not bad! Don’t ask me how I managed to do it, and don’t expect a repeat performance anytime soon!

I was so happy with the negative split! I have never done that, and this was “textbook” according to my personal trainer friend. I really didn’t mean to – I had no specific race strategy in mind for this race. I actually thought I might have started too fast and that I might blow up. But I just kept pushing, and lo and behold I kept getting faster! No blow up, and a great time overall.

I think part was the weather:

Oshkosh Half Marathon 2014 weather

And it didn’t rain!! Since it rained alllllll day yesterday and they were predicting rain again today, I was really worried about that. Rain is terrible enough, but cold rain is a whole different level of suck. Instead, it was really almost perfect. The only thing that wasn’t so great were the GIANT puddles left by yesterday’s rain, which resulted in several creative and fun leaps in the air while running, and the opportunity to work on my coping skills when a small lake just couldn’t be avoided. ;)

I wasn’t sure what to wear, but I ended up layering well:

The Before Picture

I wanted to wear my tri kit, so I did, over tights and a short sleeved running shirt which I wore to aid in core warmth. I was worried a long sleeve would be too much, so I wore arm warmers, which I could take off if I got too hot, but I didn’t. I also wore gloves. It really ended up a perfect mix.

Here are a few great pics from my friend Greg:

Oshkosh Half Marathon running 2 croppedOshkosh Half Marathon Running 3 croppedAfter Race with mom 1

Such a good day!! I hope you had a great Sunday too!


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