Pacesetters run

March 9, 2014

This morning I went for a run with the Pacesetters. I would say this is my usual, but I’ve been slacking on getting up there lately. But since it’s warmer now, I’m more hopeful It’ll be a more regular event again!

Weather March 8

Look!! Look!! There are *two* digits in that number! Considering the weather lately, it was down right balmy today ;)

However, most of us were still wearing our winter clothes, haha. Here’s a bunch of us getting ready – We meet at Harmony Cafe in Downtown Appleton:

Getting Ready 2 Getting Ready 1

At Erb Park, everyone stops to allow the group to re-group. That helps people avoid getting lost, and also just makes it more fun. It is a group run, after all:

Meet Up Point 1Meet Up Point 2

After Erb Park, there’s a water stop at a member’s house, which is the last time we really re-group. After that, people run whatever length they want. In the end, here was what I ran:

Pacesetters Run March 8

Greg and I were only going to do 6 miles, but realized I missed that turn off too late, so we accidentally ran 8! And we ran it at a great pace -my watch says I averaged just under 9 minute miles, which is super fast for me. I was stoked! Anyway, when I realized we missed the turn, just before Wisconsin Ave, Greg and I took a shortcut and headed back to Harmony. Coincidentally, just before Wisconsin is where this happened:

Skinned Knee

Yay black ice!! So irritating – I haven’t fallen all winter! I was watching traffic on Wisconsin, which is a fairly busy street, to see if we could make it or would need to stop, and I wasn’t paying attention. I also was not sure if I was going to approach it from the sidewalk or the street, so I was sorta running in the curb area, where I shouldn’t have been running. No one deserves to fall, but if you’re making multiple bad decisions at once – like focusing on too many things at once and running where you probably shouldn’t be – you can’t exactly act surprised when something bad happens. Oh well, it’s a learning experience.

Greg was so nice – he didn’t laugh, and helped me up and made sure to checked in with me again twice while we continued our run. I got a a bit dirty – of course I didn’t fall in a fluffy snowbank, but a wet, dirty street. But aside from the skinned knee and a bruised ego, I was fine ;) I actually was more concerned I had ripped my tights – those are expensive tights!! But they’re fine – whew!

Later, we went to local bike shop, Wheel and Sprocket, where Greg had ordered some cross country skis, which they sell in the off-season:

Fuzzy Skis 1

I dunno, I think they’re a little big for Fuzzy, but I’m not a cross country ski expert…

Aside from my Humpty Dumpty moment, it was a great morning! Hope you all had a good Saturday too :)


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