Pub Run!

Feb. 13, 2014

Tonight I ran with the Pacesetters and Run Away Shoes, which jointly put on a fun run. The finish line for tonight’s run was Dublin’s Irish Pub in Oshkosh, WI. Below is the route we ran, which was 4.3 miles. They also had 2, 3.3, and 6 mile runs. That last mile was sort of a mistake, because it was so cold and slick out that the last mile was sorta rough. Most everyone else was smart and did just 3, but I was glad when we finished that Greg and I toughed it out and did the whole 4.3 we had said we would. Again, this good feeling was AFTER the run, not during. ;)

Dublins Irish Pub Run

Getting organized before the run, in the backroom with the pool table:

Before Run Pool Table

A Saucony rep was available, offering shoes for us to trial during the run. I chose not to try any new shoes, in part because I had just purchased 2 new pairs of shoes, but also because it was so slick and there was about 2-3 inches of powder that fell today that I knew we would have to run through at several points, so I wasn’t sure I’d get a good read on the shoes anyway. But Norman decided to try some, brave soul that he is!

Saucony Shoes to try

Reflective gear is a good thing for night runs.

Reflective Gear is Good

As you can see, I joined in the reflective/neon action! You can also see my Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp (turned off), which I again got compliments on. And one sorta complaint. Greg asked me not to look at him during the run because it was too bright and I was blinding him ;)

Me before run

After the run, we all enjoyed Irish Nachos and 2 free beers. As mentioned in a previous post, always take the free carbs and beer. Always.

Me After the Run

Both of my free beers were Innis and Gunn Original, a Scottish Ale. You can read more about it here on Beer Advocate. Love that stuff.

“Teresa, how many calories in Irish Nachos and beer did you consume tonight?”

Me: “Prefer not to say.”

The group was so much fun to hang with afterwards! I love Dublin’s too, it’s my favorite bar. So relaxed. The fireplace was very much appreciated tonight, too.

Hanging after the run

I successfully caught Norman by surprise, but he told me not to tell you that and instead to caption this photo “I WILL STEAL YOUR SOUL!!!!” :

Norman Looking Crazy

Alright, time to tuck myself into bed. G’night everyone!


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