Rest Day Book Review – Full Time and Sub Nine

Jan. 31, 2014

Friday Rest Day Book Review! Full Time and Sub Nine, by David Glover 237 pages.

full time sub nine

Ok, now I’ve got you all inspired through “Becoming and Ironman and “You are an Ironman,” now I’ve got to calm you down a little. ;) I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this book. It’s possible I was looking at training plans in Training Peaks and, researching the authors, found this book, since he sells plans there. Anyway, it’s a pretty inspiring book, but it also provides a strong warning about getting a little too inspired about Ironman Triathlons.

David Glover is a former naval officer who was diagnosed with cancer at 23 years of age, and started doing triathlons after his diagnosis and successful treatment. This book tells his story, all of it, which is pretty admirable. He doesn’t leave out the low points in his triathlon career.  And this dude knows what he’s talking about! He’s won several iron distances races, and he holds a masters degree in Exercise Physiology. (Ironman is a brand, just like “Speedo” and “TYR,” and there are triathlons like the Vineman triathlon that are the exact same distance as an Ironman race, but without the Ironman brand). Also, although he does talk a little about what he does each week for training, it’s definitely not a detailed review of his workouts. In other words, you won’t find a “do x workout, and x workout, and x workout and you’ll be a superstar!” training plan here. Again, it’s really about his story.

I think this books greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness: it really shows Glover’s devotion to Iron-distance races. It’s truly inspiring how devoted he is and how often he makes sacrifices for triathlon, but at times he also gets a little too obsessed, leading burnout and broken relationships. Honestly, reading these parts of his story was a little frightening to someone like me who is fairly new to the sport. However, the upside for the newbie like me is to learn from him, and keep triathlon in perspective as one piece of your life. As I said, it’s a true testament to his character that he included all of that, where he could have written only about his victories and made himself sound like the perfect person. It’s a major reason why I recommend the book.

If you’re interested in more about David he also now offers coaching


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