Rest Day Book Review – You Are An Ironman!

Jan. 10, 2014

Friday Rest Day Book Review!!

Todays book is “You are an Ironman!”, by Jacques Steinberg. 304 pages.

You Are an Ironman by Jacques Steinberg

This book follows the journeys of 6 people attempting their first ironman triathlon at Ironman Arizona. And it’s a good sampling of people and abilities, not just super fast people.

I think the greatest thing about this book is that the author is a reporter who has worked at the New York Times for two decades, and you can definitely tell a reporter wrote it. It’s great for someone just getting interested in the sport, because he goes really into great depth when telling the stories of all the athletes, and their obstacles in training, and the race itself. This is exactly what a beginner should read. Also, it does not assume you know anything about triathlons or any of the products, which again is great for a beginner, who might not know that a 70.3 is half the distance of a full ironman. I imagine that this would also make it a good gift to family members and friends who want to know about what you’re doing if you’re doing an Ironman. Also, as I’m sure you would guess, you will not pick up any real solid training advice or workouts in this book.

If I had to pick a weakness about the book, it would be that it was a bit much to track at times. Between the detail and the fact that there were 6 people, I sometimes forgot who was who. (Oh, flip to the back – the epilogue has pictures of the people featured, and that might have helped me). I don’t know that I would recommend splitting it into 6 sections and focusing on each person at a time, because that would have ruined the whole “build-up,” effect that I definitely got sucked into, but maybe a clearer organization or structure rather than jumping around so much might have helped.

Overall, though, I would really, really recommend this book, particularly for beginners or people who have no idea about Ironman or what it entails.


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