Running and The Armstrong Lie

Feb. 23, 2014

*note* – I realized, after writing this post and thinking about it for some time, that it deals with two ethical issues, though admittedly of very different severity (ethics of doping in professional cycling, vs. coping DVDs). Still, I like the post, as it shows, on both issues, my more moderate side. I think this is why my friend Corby and I get along so well. Anyway, it speaks to my personality, and I present it here, unedited:

The weather channel says it “feels like” 6 today, with wind gusts of up to 24 miles per hour.

Sunday weather

Have I mentioned I’m soooo done with winter? Anyway, I ran at the Oshkosh YMCA rather than deal with that. I made the mistake of going right at 11am when the doors opened, since apparently the rest of Oshkosh thought doing their workout right then would be a good idea too. So, of course, all the treadmills were full by the time I changed and hit the floor at 11:10. I found a spin bike that allowed me to stalk the treadmills and I spun while I played a little game I like to call “Who’s Going to Crap Out First?” For the record, I narrowed it down to two people and was RIGHT. ;) And to be fair, I’m sure other people have played this game while I was on one the treadmills – and I don’t want to know what odds they placed on me, lol!

I ran for an hour, and ran a little over 6 miles. I didn’t feel good initially, and had to drop my pace just a touch from what I’m used to running. This is probably because of the long workout yesterday. But after the first 30 minutes my body must have accepted I was going to make it keep running and it quit complaining, and then I started to feel better. I was very pleased that it went that well, really I am. I should be able to start the training plan in a couple weeks right where I need to be.

I watched a movie while I ran today.

Please excuse this interruption: Sometimes I like watching movies while I run/bike. But downloading movies from places like iTunes can obviously be expensive. One way to get around this is to rip movies into your computer from DVD, and then put them on your iPhone. A variety of software programs, like handbrake, will do this for you. I think it is clearly unethical (not to mention illegal) to copy a movie and then distribute the copies around for free. I would never, ever support that. However, there is some debate about copying a DVD you obtain legally (your own collection, the library, redbox) and copying it for your own use. Personally, I think in the scope of the world’s problems, copying a legally obtained DVD and putting onto your iPhone for just you to watch while you run is a fairly small one. You are free to disagree.

….so anyway, The Armstrong Lie, currently available at Redbox, magically appeared on my iPhone this morning and I watched the first half while running. This is a fascinating documentary, and you should totally watch it. You’ll learn a lot about professional cycling and doping. And I don’t know how I feel about Lance Armstrong. Most of the time he pisses me off, but then again, he’s only human. I always say that you never know what people are capable of – good OR bad – until you put them in tough situations. If I was as good of an athlete as he was, and felt that doping could allow me to win the Tour de France (or an Ironman World Championship), I don’t know what I would do. So it’s hard for me to really judge him. I’m just glad I’ll never be that good where I’ll be temped to dope, haha!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a good start to the week tomorrow!


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