Running with Rachel!

March 3, 2014

Driving home from Chicago takes me right through Milwaukee, and how could I drive through Milwaukee and not see my friend Rachel?!? As you may remember from a previous post, Rachel is an ultramarathoner in the Milwaukee area who runs the We Run This Blog. Rachel is training for many events, including Ragnar and the Dances with Dirt 50k. Rachel was doing 16 miles today, which was a bit too much for me. But she offered to do two 8-mile loops and have me meet her for the second 8-miles, which was fine with me. Here’s the route per my Garmin watch:

Running with Rachel Garmin

It was COLD! I didn’t even think to check the temp, because I’m awesome like that. I just assumed if Rachel was tough enough, WELL, then surely I am too ;) Yeah, I should know better. It was cold cold cold!! Like 6 degrees, “felt like -1″ according to Rachel’s phone after the run. Garmin confirmed this:

Run with Rachel Weather

During the run we kept dealing with freezing water bottle tops and Camelbak tubes (Rachel’s). And there was one point on the trail where it was shady, AND a big gust of wind came straight into us, and we both instantly went:

“AAAAAHHHHGGGGHHHHHH (string of words not to be repeated here).”

But it didn’t last too long before it went back to just plain cold, rather than the kind of cold that forces that kind of language. :)

A few miles in, Rachel stopped for a gel pack and I made her take a selfie with me, she’s a such a good sport!!

Rachel and I Selfie

I’m squinting because with my sunglasses and the bright sun, I pretty much couldn’t even see my iPhone screen. I’m impressed it turned out as well as it did. Luck, pure luck.

When we got back, I actually felt great, but I knew I hadn’t had enough of my Hammer Heed….because it finally did freeze solid with 2 miles left to go….so I needed some electrolytes. Rachel, once again being awesome, let me try some of her Nuun Cherry Limeade. I have never used Nuun, but I’ve been interested in it for a while. I didn’t expect to like it, because I usually don’t like cherry stuff, but I did! It was very mild flavor, which was nice, and made the cherry flavor actually kind of enjoyable.

Nuun Bat Beer

But wait, what’s that on the left? That doesn’t look like Nuun or anything cherry!!

You are correct. Seeing as we decided after the run that we were crazy, Rachel opened a bottle of Bat Sh*t Crazy beer :)

Bat Beer

Now, most of you know I don’t really care for beer (hehe). I really didn’t expect to like this one though, since it’s a coffee beer. And by that, I mean I expected to want to spit it out gagging because I hate coffee. But maybe my tastebuds were still frozen from the run because I thought it wasn’t bad. Not great, but not bad. I ended up drinking a glass of it.

MobCraft is a interesting brewery. They are based in Madison, WI and are “crowdsourced,” meaning they let people vote on beers, and those are the beers they brew. From their “About Us” page:

MobCraft Beer is a small craft brewery that makes custom craft beer. We produce small batch “custom craft beers” based on user submitted recipes and ideas which end up in our recipe vault. As each beer grows in social popularity, the four most popular beers are put up for a monthly vote/order. Cast your vote by ordering the beer you want us to brew. MobCraft will produce the beer with the most orders and ship out a 4 pack of 22oz “bomber” bottles directly to your doorstep! Or, if you’re near the brewery, come pick it up in our tap room location which we share with House of Brews.

Alright, I need to focus on the Oscars. Have a good Monday everyone!


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