Spin, Run, Swim

April 28, 2014

Today my training plan called for a 2.5-3.5 hour bike ride, followed by a 15-20 minute transition run. I chose to do these inside because it was still cold, and it was threatening rain. If you’re thinking “She did that long run in the cold yesterday and she couldn’t suck it up today?! What a wimp!!”…you would be correct. No way was I signing up to feel that cold again. I’m not very tolerant of being cold on the bike, where as I can put up with a lot of cold while running. The wind makes it hard to really stay warm on the bike, and it’s hard to take off layers and…and… *whine, whine whine*

Whatever. Anyway, I did the 3.5 hours, inside, and here’s the proof:

Spin summary 1

My training plan didn’t specify a workout, because it probably assumed I’d be outside. So I made my own, because just spinning for 3.5 hours without some variety would be far too mind numbing for me. I did a ladder set earlier this week that I like, so I used that as my inspiration. I did:

20 minutes warm-up

1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 minutes hills, with 2 minutes easy in between

20 minutes moderate

1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 minutes fast (RPM 90+), with 2 minutes easy in between

20 minutes moderate

1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 minutes hills, with 2 minutes easy in between

Remainder of time easy-to-moderate

So what this means in English: I cranked up the resistance as if I was climbing a hill for 1 minute, then dialed it back and did an easy spin for two minutes. Then I climbed for 2 minutes, then I did an easy spin for 2 minutes. Then I climbed again for 3 minutes then easy for 2 minutes, and so on, up to 5 minutes of climbing and back down to 1. For the second set, I didn’t increase the resistance, but I sped up my legs till my RPM (revolutions per minute, aka cadence) was over 90 per minute. Then I did the hills again.

The ladders add up to 37 minutes, each, of spinning, so it was a great way to pass the time.

I then did a 2 mile run, which was just under 20 minutes:

Run Summary 1

What didn’t go so well for me was the nutrition side of things. Unlike yesterday, I had plenty – so much in fact I had trouble carrying all of it upstairs to the bike. Pro tip: if you don’t have enough pockets, just shove it in your shorts!

Shove it in your shorts

You might look weird, but you’re wearing spandex anyway, so it’s not like your ego has far to fall. ;)

Anyway, I started getting a bit of nausea after 2.5 hours, and the last hour was rough. I wasn’t able to drink much, and my stomach was clearly letting me know that anything solid put in it would quickly be returned to sender. I kept going, thinking 1) it would get better and 2) if it happens during a race, I need to know how to handle it. When I got on the treadmill I had awful stomach cramps. It was even worse than brick/transition runs usually are, and I couldn’t do a very fast pace. It subsided a bit during the second mile and that one went fine. If I never feel that terrible again, it will be too soon. I really, really hope nothing even close to that happens to me on the actual day.

I talked with my mentor, Amy, and we reviewed all my eating, sleeping, and activity for the 24-48 hours before, and she suspects I’ve been working out too much and haven’t rested enough. She’s probably right. I was sleep deprived all week, and required a long nap yesterday. Good thing this week is a recovery week, where I don’t workout as hard. My training partner, Greg, blamed my cake-veggie “wings”-beer night, though I think he was kinda sorta joking. He may be on to something though, especially combined with not enough rest. It’s fair to suspect it contributed.

About an hour later, I went to the swim clinic. It was a blast! I helped with the intermediate group. It was so neat to actually get in and do drills with newer swimmers. I’m the one in the yellow “Fox Cities Tri Club” top. I was glad I wore my tri kit, by the way, as no one else did, and I got lots of questions about swimming in one.

Amy got me smilingWatching them drill

Then we all piled into two lanes and practiced a mass start.

Talking about mass startAmy also got two videos of me swimming, which was awesome of her! I’m actually pulling with a pull bouy, so not really swimming because I wasn’t kicking. I was trying out forearm fulcrums, which I’ve never used before. It was so, so great to see that my stroke looks good. You never know until you see yourself on video. Video hides nothing. Click here and here to see me. In the second video, I’m on the right, which you will figure out at the end when I stand up.

Oh! and here’s my friend Allica – you can read her blog here:)


Since I didn’t take in many calories during the last hour of the bike and during the swim, I was a bit low on sugar when I got home. My nausea had passed, so I immediately started shoving food in my face. I feel fine now, just tired. So I’m off to bed! Hope you had a great day!

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