Spinning day!

March 23, 2014

Today was a bike day. My training plan called for 2-3 hours of biking in HR#1 (meaning pretty easy) and a 15-20 minute run. Greg said he’d be up for spinning for an hour, so I met him at the Heart of the Valley YMCA so we could use the virtual reality bikes. They were both free when we walked by them on the way to the locker rooms, but, sadly, when we got out there 10 minutes later one of them had been taken! The guy who was just getting on one of them was very nice though and told me he would be 45 minutes.

So…change of plans! Instead, we ran for 30 minutes around the running track above the workout area. Always bring your running shoes and/or be prepared to adjust when you’re going to the gym. We all have to share the same sandbox, kids, with only so many toys in it, and sometimes you have to do something else while you wait your turn for the toy you want. Anyway, running up there also allowed us to stalk those two spin bikes…which only allowed us to watch the other one become taken as well…awesome! Oh well, just keep running and see what happens.

The guy I talked to kept his word and was off his in 45 minutes, right after we finished our run. The other guy didn’t look like he was going anywhere anytime soon though :( . Greg said that after running he didn’t want to spin anyway and, bless his heart, let me have the free spin bike. Thank you again Greg!

I did 2 hours and 30 minutes, and here’s the proof:

Spin March 23

It was a good spin until the last half hour. I was feelin it then!

Remember that guy who didn’t look like he was going anywhere anytime soon? He didn’t, and he kept getting off every couple of minutes to do wall sits. (You can read more about themhere and watch a video of them here). I noticed he had an Ironman Wisconsin water bottle and an m-dot tattoo on his right leg*, so when he was done with his workout, I chatted him up. Shocking, I know. Anyway…he said wall sits are good for mimicking hills because they work your quads. He was doing 5 minutes spinning, 1 minute wall sitting. I thought that sounds like pure hell, but I’m sure it’s a great workout. He also gave me more tips for IMWI and I greatly appreciated it.

I also ran into my buddy Scott, which was fun! After wall-sit guy (I never did ask him his name, cuz I’m awesome like that) left, his son took the bike next to me. While he got his son set up I got to chat with him a bit too, and commiserate about not being able to bike outside yet. Oh, and I ran into another tri fox too who came over to say hi. I love how social I got to be while sitting on a bike going nowhere for 2.5 hours. It really does help make the time go by. :)

Now, I’m going to have a lazy contest with my fat cat, Bink. Here’s a pic of him begging me for food (that he didn’t get, because he’s on a diet):

Bink Fat

*The M-dot is the official logo of the Ironman brand. It’s common after you complete an Ironman to get the m-dot tattooed on you. Typically I see them on the lower right leg, but they can be anywhere really. You can see a bunch of pics of them here.

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