Spring Training

April 9, 2014

Yesterday I my training plan called for me to do a 75 minute ride. It gave a specific workout, but I decided to go outside and ride instead :) I rode my usual route west of Oshkosh. This happens to be basically the same route the Oshkosh Cycling Club uses on their Wednesday night rides (or did when I rode with them two summers ago). This is not a coincidence ;)

Tuesday Ride 4 8 14

It took a little longer than I had planned, but that’s fine:

Tuesday Ride 4 8 14 Summary

I was happy with the pace! My usual from last year was 17.2 miles per hour, and this was actually slightly faster. Since I don’t train with power, I have no idea during the winter if I’m being effective aside from Rate of Perceived Exertion. I think this is good evidence that I was doing well this winter! Yay!!

Side note: I do not agree with the calorie calculation, I think I burned closer to 900 based on estimation from Monique Ryan’s Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes book.

It rained just before I went out. You can probably tell from the left photo, as the road is still wet. I *just missed* the rain! It made the sky really beautiful for the ride though, with the rain clouds and the setting sun, which you can get an idea of from the second photo.


No one likes training in the rain. But guess what? It might rain on race day. So as long as there are no safety concerns, you better get your butt out there! If it’s really coming down, I’ll go indoors. Too much water makes the road too slick, and it can make it harder for drivers to see you. But a little rain? That’s why I have rain gear.

And this morning I swam the following workout:

Warm up: 6 x 50 freestyle with 10 seconds rest

200 drill freestyle (Catch-up or Layout freestyle)

Main set: 600 freestyle

6 x 100 freestyle

400 freestyle

8 x 50 freestyle

400 freestyle

16 x 25 freestyle

All aerobic with 10-30 seconds rest

Cool down: 6 x 50 as 25 drill, 25 choice on 10 seconds rest

Total: 3600 yards.

And here’s the proof:


This week is an recovery week, so there’s no optional bike or other workout tonight. So just chilling :)

The plan is then to do my usual run tomorrow, but no swim afterwards, which works out perfectly as I have a meeting tomorrow BEFORE I start my 10 hour day at work – woot! Friday will be a rest day as per the plan. Saturday I will not bike, but instead help with a swim clinic my Triathlon club is hosting for newbies – not sure if that will count as a “workout” at all – and then…

The Oshkosh Half Marathon is Sunday!! I can’t wait to see if I can best my time from last year. It’s not an important race to me, so I need to remind myself to not risk an injury or the quality of next week’s workouts to get a fast time. I will probably not listen to myself and run it as fast I can anyway. *sigh* :)

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