St. Pat’s Run, Spin, and Tri Fox Meeting

March 17, 2014

Want to go to fun local races, but gave all your race-entry budget to Ironman this year? Solution: Volunteer! Plus, I personally try to volunteer for at least one race for every race I do. I think it’s important to give back to the running/triathlon/sporting community – events would not be possible without volunteers!

So, today Greg and I volunteered at the St. Pat’s Run in Kimberly.

It was COLD COLD COLD!!! It was like 10 degrees. I’ve run in that temp and eventually warmed up…but this was standing around! My feet hurt, until they went numb which was actually a relief. This may be because I wore the fabulous rainbow Irish socks I bought, and not a more reasonable, warmer sock! But – yay for combining St. Pat’s Day and sneaking in a little gay pride! ;)

Rainbow Irish Socks

We tried this to keep our faces a little warmer ;) :

St. Pats Greg and I Selfie

Here’s me before the runners came:

St. Pats before the runners

Basically, I just needed to keep the cars and the runners separate, because they don’t mesh well, you know? They gave us neon flags, but I thought the Irish ones I bought were bright enough to accomplish that job.

Look – runners!

St. Pats Day Runners

Volunteering is so much fun! And usually pretty easy. Several runners made sure to say thank you. And I enjoy cheering them on while I’m doing my job. AND you get free beer after the run. Remember, ALWAYS take the free beer!

St. Pats Run Beers Mustaches

So after we finished our beers, Greg and I were sooooo cold still. Since we parked in the parking lot of the YMCA nearby, it was a no-brainer to go in and sit in the hot tub. I went into the locker room and no joke – another triathlete recognized the brand of my tri shorts and started chatting me up about triathlon. Finally she noticed appeared to be headed to the pool area, and she excitedly asked me if I was going to do a brick workout.

“Um…I know it’s only like 10:30am, but I just had a beer and I’m really cold…so I’m just going to sit in the hot tub….”

…awkward pause…

“But I do, yes…I do bricks, and I swear I’m going to spin later, really.”

I hope I came across *slightly* more impressive than I’m sure I did, haha!

For the record, it was amazing to finally feel warm again!

And I did! Later, I spun for a little over an hour before going to the tri fox meeting. So I did :)

Sad spin Bike

And here is the proof – the one sad little spin bike I found at the downtown Y. It was old and rusted and didn’t have a bottle cage. Awesome. But it worked.

And the meeting!

Bite the Bag

We played “Bite the Bag” in which you had to bend down without touching the floor and grab a bag with your teeth. Then you keep cutting it down lower and lower until, well, you see in the pic above. This game could also be retitled “Teresa shows the world how totally inflexible she is!”

And then we had some nutritionists speak:


They were great! We also had a strength coach come talk about weight training, which I found less exciting but he was also great.

Alright – this post is long enough! G’night everyone!


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