Swim n’ Spin

March 20, 2014

Some people sit n’ spin. Triathletes swim n’ spin ;) Wednesdays are key swim workout day, which means a long swim that I’m not allowed to skip. Today’s was 3,500 yards. Here’s the workout I did:

Warm-Up (1400 yards):

200 yards choice

24 x 50 alternating 2 freestyle and 2 stroke with 10 secs rest between

Main Set (1500):

10 x 150 as 50 freestyle, 50 stroke, 50 easy freestyle with 15 secs rest between

Cool down (600):

8 x 75 as 3 stroke, 3 drill, 2 choice

= 3,500 yards total.

Fun fact #1: you can’t get into the pool until the lifeguards are in their chairs. I have never been to the pool early enough to learn this little tidbit, but I did today! I only had to sit on the side of the pool for about 5 minutes though, it was no biggie. I planned on starting at 5:30am, because I figured it would take an hour and a half or so to do that much, and I needed to be out of the pool by 7am at the latest to get to work and be ready for my first client at 8am. I was swimming by 5:35, so it was no problem. I paused my watch between sets, but here’s the proof I did the yardage direct from my Lie Detector (Aka my Garmin watch):

March 18

Greg and I usually workout on Wednesday nights, and my training plan allows for an optional 60-90 minute bike ride on Wednesdays as well. So I searched the interwebs and convinced Greg to crash a spin class at the Neenah-Menasha YMCA at 6pm tonight. I didn’t even know they had a spin room, because I’ve never been in that part of that YMCA. It’s a retrofit, so it can be a bit of a maze. I believe there were no less than 5 turns you have to take in the hallways to get to it from the locker rooms. But it’s nice! It has a nice green birch tree pattern on the walls, and Livestrong Matrix bikes :)

Neenah Menasha Spin room 1 Neenah Menasha Spin room 2

Whenever you just show up at a random class, it’s always good form to check in with the instructor that it’s ok to do so. You don’t want to be rude and interrupt someone’s regular routine/workout by taking their bike – it will not help you make friends. But I’ve always been welcomed, and tonight was no exception. The instructor, Shannon, was great. She said there would be more than enough room, and “you guys look like you know what you’re doing….”

“We’re triathletes. I’m training for Ironman Wisconsin.”

“Of course you are! Well pick whatever bike you want, I assume you don’t need help setting it up.”

We didn’t. We spun for 60 minutes. I could definitely feel some fatigue, so I made sure to try to balance making it a worthwhile workout but not pushing too hard. I think I managed that. Shannon offered to give Greg and I 20 more minutes of spinning if we wanted. I passed, but thanked her. INSTEAD, we ended up standing around talking with her about cycling for those 20 minutes. We talked a lot about local cycling events and races, and I really hope we can cycle with Shannon in the future.

Fun fact #2: Did you know some spin instructors don’t ride outside, they just spin? I had no idea, but Shannon told me tonight they really do exist. I totally don’t get that. It’s just so weird….but to each their own.

She is also awesome because she thought the blog was interesting and agreed to be in it:

Shannon and I

Thanks again for a great class Shannon! We’ll do it again soon! Travel safe to Oklahoma and bring back some of their warm weather :)


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