Swim, swim, bike…wimp out of run

May 22, 2014

Yeah…not the order of a real tri! But it’s what I did today. I started with my usual Wednesday morning long swim:

Wed Swim 5 21 2014

There were 200 yards of kicking there too (my lie detector doesn’t know when I’m kicking because it’s not moving, so it doesn’t read kick sets) for a total of 3700 yards.

It does automatically know what stroke I’m doing, so give it some credit!:

Swim Graph

Then I went to work…

Then I met up with my awesome friends Shannon and Greg for a Newbie Bike Ride with the Tri Foxes at High Cliff State Park.

Greg Shannon I 1

“Wait…you don’t look like you’re bike riding….”

Oh, we’re not…not in that photo :) We are all doing the Aurora BayCare Triathlon in Green Bay on June 1st, and none of us had been open water swimming yet this season. Why not? Because we value our body heat, that’s why. BUT – with 1.5 weeks to go…there were no more excuses to be had. We would be at the Park for the ride and it has a beach….so…you know. STOP WHINING AND GET IN.

Greg texted me this morning to tell me he had consulted with some fishing buddies who reported the lake temp was mid 50’s. When I informed Shannon of this, neither of us was very excited about it. But, I can be a bully sometimes, so I made her put on her wet suit and at least walk down by the water, haha! And I was so glad I bullied her!! It actually felt totally fine in the water. Since I already swam a little over 2 miles this morning, I wasn’t looking for a “workout” and we just kinda swam around. That was the point – get the feel for being in open water again. It’s always a bit weird the first time, at least is for me. No clear water, no line on the bottom of the pool, waves… and lake flies biting you… :)

I helped Shannon practice some sighting drills and we went back to shore, just in time to meet Greg at the shore. We all went back out again, and Greg and I swam a couple hundred yards out to a (very slimy, as it turns out) bouy, and back again. “Enjoyable” would not be the word to use, as there were some 2-3 feet swells due to the wind. But It was a good little swim. See – thumbs up!

Me Thumbs Up

Then we joined a bunch of other Tri Foxes for the Newbie Ride.

Start of Ride 2

We made them climb The Big Hill. But they did great! See – everyone is alive at the top:

Selfie Group after hill

I ended up taking the rear, and took a shortcut with a newbie back to the parking lot, which was perfect for me because my training plan called for an optional 60 minute bike “if time and energy is available.” I was happy to take it easy, because I have felt like a total zombie lately.

Greg stayed with the main group, and so I got back before him. We had talked about running up The Big Hill at High Cliff after the ride, but I had already cooled down and was feeling Zombie Status creeping back already, so I totally wimped out. He was a total sport about it and didn’t call me out on it, which was very kind of him! Thanks Greg!

I’m going to Zombie Walk to my bed now…if anyone sees Rick, Carol, Michonne, or any other human character from the Walking Dead near me, give me a heads up so I can get outta the way before they stab me!!! Ok, g’night. :)


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