Swimming in Muncie

May 5, 2014

Mondays are a swim day, so off I dragged my sorry butt to the Muncie YMCA. It’s kind of a weird building. Meaning, it doesn’t look that much like a YMCA at all. There’s a little “Y” symbol on one side, otherwise I’m not sure you’d know it was a Y.

Muncie YMCA outsideMuncie YMCA outside 2

And here’s the pool from the front desk area:

Muncie Pool from front desk

So as I was checking in as an Away member, and the very sweet old man at the desk asks me what I’m going to be doing. I said swimming. So he pointed at the guys you can see standing in the picture and said “Oh, those guys in there are crazy. They’re marathoners and one of ‘em is training for that Ironman in Wisconsin.” No kidding! He really said that. He was totally sweet thought and was totally speaking in admiration of the guys. I gave him a *slight* smirk and said “I think I’ll fit right in” as I grabbed a towel and headed for the locker room.

And I did! The guys immediately noticed my Garmin watch and Fox Cities Tri Club swim cap and they were great. They were standing around because they had just finished. It was 7am, which is way super late in the lap swimming world. Most swimmers, including me, start swimming at 5am, give or take. But I’m on VACATION, so I didn’t start until 7am…which is a weird definition of vacation, but whatever. Anyway, we chatted about swimming and Ironman Wisconsin for about 10 minutes before they left and I took over a lane. They also left me a set of pull bouys and kickboard in case a I needed them:

Muncie pool laneSo you may be thinking to yourself “Wait…that’s not a Selfie…who took the picture, Teresa?”

Well, my new lifeguard friend Jalen!

Jalen and IJalen became my friend because when I realized we were the only ones in the pool, I made him take pictures and videotape me swimming. Pffsshh…It’s not like he can get into trouble-he was, technically, still watching me, hehe! I’m pretty sure he thought I was weird at first, but then he seemed to like it. Or he learned to do a better job of hiding how weird he thought I was, either way was fine with me. Watch the video below or by clicking here.

Thanks Jalen!

Here is today’s workout as written in my training plan:

Warm-Up: 400 free, 100 kick, 200 free, 100 kick, all with 15 seconds rest between. (800 yards)

Main set: 18 x 50, Odd 25 S2S drill and 25 C/U stroke, even easy free with 15 second rest between. (900 yards)

Then 3 x 500 free swim, even pace, 1 minute rest after each. (1500 yards)

Cool Down: 300 choice easy. (Total workout = 3500 yards).

Well, as you can probably guess from yesterday, I was a little tired this morning and could have done with 1 or 2 fewer beers at Star Wars Trivia. This workout had a few too many instructions and required a little more focusing than I was capable of this morning, so I juggled a few things, edited a few more, and wrote this workout:

Swim 3500 yards.

Ta-da! And I did, mostly continuous:

Workout SummaryI actually was very pleased with my pace. And the fact that I swam at all. Yay me! Now I’m going to go find some tea and some food. Hope you had a good Monday!


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