The Oshkosh Bike Swap

March 24, 2014

Here’s my post about the Oshkosh Bike Swap! Fair warning, this is a very media-heavy post! If you’re reading this via e-mail, you may have to go to the actual website to make photos bigger or to watch the video I uploaded.

The swap was a pretty good size, and had a lot of cool bikes! There were some new bikes, but true to form, it really emphasized swapping/selling peer-to-peer. So there weren’t a lot of bike shops or demos of new products and stuff. Therefore, I shall focus my post on the unique items that were there.

Bikes for sale

Let’s just start with what was clearly the best bike at the entire swap:

Trek crossbike

“What makes it so special?” you ask. Because even though you could refer to it as a Trek Cyclocross bike, you could also refer to it as Greg’s new cyclocross bike :) He saw it and we looked at it several times, and he kept talking about it later. After we parted ways, I wasn’t surprised at all to get a text from him telling me he went back an bought it :) Congrats on the new bike, Greg!

They also had an area set up for people to sell their old bikes. Look – an older version of my bike – a BMC timemachine!


I actually talked to the guy who was selling it. He was a time-trialist/criterium rider, not a triathlete, but we still had a blast talking about the bike and cycling in general.

Also loved this blue banana seat beauty:

Blue Banana Seat for sale

And this Rolling Rock themed cruiser was pretty awesome too (always bike responsibly!)

Rolling Rock Cruiser

Check out this neon bike – I’m all for being hi-viz, but dang!

Bright Neon Bike


If you’ve not heard of the Fatbike, it’s a bike which rides super big mountain bike tires. It’s designed to be ridden through thick snow or sand. You know, places you wouldn’t think a bike could go. Without a doubt, the best review of their history can be found here, courtesy of the Adventure Cycling Association. I feel like this segment of the bike industry totally exploded this year, and that was certainly evident at the bike swap.

Fatbike whitefatbike 3

Because they ride in the snow, you may need “Bar “Mitts” to keep your hands warm :)

FatBike bar mitts

This fatbike sported a spider theme, all the way down to the tire tread:

fatbike spiderFatbike spider tire 1

 Vintage Bikes

I’m pretty sure the coolest vintage bike in the whole place was this old rusted trike :)

Really old rusted trike 2

I also liked these bikes, which were also for sale:

Vintage Red for salevintage red streams for sale

There was a really cool Electronic Exercise Bike from the 1960s!

Electronic Exercise Bike 1Electronic Exercise Bike seatElectronic Exercise Bike Motor

Here’s a video I took of it in action:

Ok, one more random pic:

Bird horn

A bell that mimics a woodpecker on a tree! Oh come on, that’s kinda cute!

Well, that’s pretty much it. It was a great time! Totally worth going to.


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