Training this week

March 27, 2014

It’s been a busy week! But still fun and productive. I don’t plan to detail all my workouts, as I know that can get boring for some people, but I thought I would do at least the occasional post with some workouts for those who might be curious. I’ll detail some swim ones in this post.

Monday’s swim workout. Here’s what was written:

Warm-up: 500 freestyle, 200 choice, 300 kick-swim by the 50

Main Set: 2 x (1 x 400) as:

25 kick on stomach w/arms at side, 25 kick on left, 25 kick on right, 25 S2S, four times through.

Take 1 minute rest, then:

1 x 400 as: 50 C/U, 50 Cheating C/U.

Four times through with 30 seconds rest

Cool down: 200-400 choice easy

Have you heard of the blog “Things I want to punch in the face“? Well, what I want to punch in the face is 950 yards of kicking, on a Monday morning, after spinning for 2.5 hours the day before. So here’s what I did instead:

Warm-up: 500 mixed stroke, 200 free

Talk to Coach Greg, who is life guarding at the the pool that morning.

300 Free

Main Set: 2 x (1 x 400) as:

100 pull w/paddles, 100 w/o paddles, repeat

Talk to Shannon (A lifeguard at the YMCA who came to Tri 101 and said she wants to do her first tri at the Green Bay Tri in June, but hasn’t gotten the courage to sign up. I did my best to convince her and told her I expected to hear she had signed up when I see her on Wednesday!)

Take 1 minute rest, then:

Talk to the guy in the lane next to me for a while.

1 x 400 as: 50 C/U, 50 Cheating C/U.

Four times through with 30 seconds rest

Talk to Coach Greg some more.

Cool down: 400 mixed stroke

:) It was a great workout!

Tuesday was a spin/run day. The training plan called for 70 minutes of spinning and a 15-20 minute transition run. That spin workout involved doing Single Leg Drills. Personally, I never understood the purpose of these drills…isn’t pedaling just pedaling?  So I had to read up on them to be convinced to do it. Click here for a good explanation about why you want to do SLDs from Joe Friel, the author of the Triathlete’s Training Bible. I was convinced to do them….and they kicked my butt!

I then ran at a fast pace for the t-run just to see if I could. I ran 2 miles at 6.7 mph (8:57/mile), 2% incline. It sucked, and that’s all there is to say about it. But I was happy with it!

This morning, Wednesday, I did my long swim workout. I wore my Fox Cities Tri Club Tri Shorts and Tri Top instead of my swimsuit though. You should always try swimming/working out in a kit you plan to race in to check for chafing, etc. Shannon the lifeguard told me that my wearing my tri kit made her feel bad because she still hadn’t signed up for the Green Bay Tri, and also warned me, complete with pointed finger, not to get in the pool until the lifeguards were in their chairs. Don’t worry I obeyed and we’re still friends :)

You should also pack a back up swimsuit if you’re swimming in your tri kit for the first time. This may be obvious to you, dear reader, but it was not to me. Well, I knew the tri shorts were a little big seeing as I bought them before I lost weight. I was right. My first push from the wall filled them with water and nearly brought them off! I had to grab their waist and pop right up and get back to the wall to address the situation. I’m honestly not sure if my tri shorts coming off in the pool would make me more or less popular with the other swimmers, but I would rather not find out! I was able to tie the draw string around them as tight as possible and they stayed on, but I still felt like I was swimming with a parachute on my butt the entire time. Super fun. I bought the last pair of small tri shorts from Run Away Shoes tonight, and all is now good.

Anyway, here’s the workout:

Warm-up: 500 free

10×50 drill or stroke on 10 seconds rest (500 yards)

Main Set: 15 x 100 pull easy on 15 seconds rest (1500 yards)

20 x 50 as 1 kick on side, 1 stroke on 10 seconds rest. (1000 yards)

Cool Down: 500 easy choice.

Total = 4,000 yards.

Believe it or not, I actually did this workout as written. But I used flippers for the kicking so I would actually move. :)

Hope you all are having a good week!


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