Tri Fox Happening

Feb. 10, 2014

Today would have been a Fox Cities Triathlon Club meeting, but instead of a meeting, we had a “happening” :). A bunch of us met to go cross country skiing, and our finish line was atBubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton, WI.

Tri Fox Skiing sign 3

Cross Country Skiing is a frequently recommended sport for Triathletes in the off season. Here’s an article from Triathlete magazine and another from TriFuel that say so!

I had never been cross country skiing before, so I needed to rent gear. Thankfully, Bubolz rents skis and snowshoes. Skis were $15 ($10 rental, $5 trail fee), snowshoes were $6 ($5 rental, $1 trail fee).

Tri Fox Skiing skiis for rent

Because I had never cross country skied before, I was pretty bad at it! Oh sure, it LOOKS easy, especially those Olympians on TV right now…but trust me, its not! I stopped counting how many times I fell after 12, but I don’t think it was a whole lot more than that. You just gotta keep on getting up! I didn’t learn to swim, bike, or run perfectly the first time I did those either. Susan and Greg were experienced skiers, and were so incredibly kind. They each took a turn in the back with me, despite my frequent urging them to go on and leave me to the wolves. ;)

Bubolz is beautiful. In the summer I will go there to trail run, but this is the first time I had been there in winter, and it was totally worth it. On this trail, a huge tree had fallen, and Pete was kind enough to push it out of the way so we could keep skiing ;)

Pete pushing tree out of the waySkiing by tree roots

Taking a break in the meadow…so people can pass me because I was going so slow!

Teresa Meadow

Afterwards, a few of us met at Copper Rock Coffee in Appleton.

Coffee after

I got caught without a smile, and it’s a bit blurry, sorry! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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