Tri Fox Meeting!

Jan. 27, 2014

Today was a Fox Cities Triathlon Club meeting! It was held at the downtown Appleton YMCA, so I met my friend Greg, Co-Rookie of The Year, for a one mile swim beforehand. There are two pools at the downtown Appleton YMCA, the one we swam in was the Boldt pool. The other pool, the Buchanan Pool, was closed for some reason (I didn’t ask) so everyone was crammed into this one. To the right they were holding swimming lessons in one lane, and to the left was open swim in two lanes. But they left 3 lanes worth for lap swimmers, which was greatly appreciated. No one is in this pic, but before long there were about 6 of us doing laps in that space. It worked though, no complaints from me.

January Tri Fox Meeting Pool 1

Greg (white shirt) declined to have me take a picture of him in his swim suit, which I totally get, but he let me take one later with other friend Greg (grey shirt):

Greg and Greg

And here’s Sarah and Kelly in their fabulous matching fox sweaters, and making our Tri Fox gang sign…it’s a fox…get it? :) :

Sarah Kelly Fox sweaters

Ironically, we did yoga at this meeting too.

Yoga 1

Ok, Ok, I sorta forgot we were doing yoga today until I re-read the e-mail. I’m kinda awesome like that. But it wasn’t much different than yoga for runners, and I’ve already got some links in that post, so head on over there for some great talk about yoga! ;) . And it was a blast! As I mentioned in that post, I love yoga, so this was a treat for me.

Another treat was that one of our members knows someone with connections at Powerbar, so he brought two HUGE boxes of Powerbar goodies for all of us to take. Of course I took a few and then waited until everyone else got as much as they wanted…but then I took full advantage of the leftovers:

Greedy Fox text

Yet ANOTHER treat was finding out that they had a Tri Fox helmet, size small, they’ve been trying to get rid of at a super cheap price. I have a freakishly small head (go ahead, make some jokes…….no, I’ll wait………done? Ok.) so it fit me perfect! It of course matches the Tri Fox kit I have, so now all is complete.

Helmet 2Helmet 3Helmet 4

What great meeting! Greg and I then went to a the Stone Cellar Brewpub for a great beer and a hummus wrap. Best way to end a meeting day!

Here in the Fox Cities we’re having some bad winter weather at the moment, and schools and such are all closed tomorrow (Monday), some for Tuesday already too. If you’re local, stay safe and warm tomorrow and Tuesday!


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