Triathlon 101

March 13, 2014

Today started with a 6 mile run, which I did in the morning rather that in the evening like I usually do. I did the 6 miles all at about a 9 minute mile pace – loving that I can keep doing this faster pace! Woot!

Then I went to work for my usual work day. But AFTER work was fantastic – it was The Fox Cities’ Triathlon Club’s Triathlon 101 night! A bunch of members like myself picked various topics to discuss for newbies.

Greg and I

That’s my friend Greg and I. Amy made us fun name tags – one with our names (and Greg’s nickname “chatty fox” below it), and another one telling people to ask us something. People were supposed to ask me about “Bricks” Greg’s what much more scandalous as his said “Ask me about strippers” :) For the record, they’re talking about wetsuit strippers, which are volunteers that help you remove your wetsuit after the swim. You can watch a good video of them here.

We provided snacks – you can see the Apricot and Chocolate energy bars I made for sampling, they’re in the tin tray :)

Tri 101 food table close up

And Goodie bags (In the boxes on floor in front of the table) with more samples of the Powerbar Blasts, water bottles, etc (on the table):

Tri 101 Foxes goodie bag table 2

Chad and Greg demonstrated Transitions, here’s them getting ready to demonstrate T1 (Swim to Bike):

Tri 101 Chad getting wetsuit onTri 101 Chad and Greg waiting

And the demonstration:

Tri 101 Greg and Chad T1

Hanging out, waiting for our turns to speak:

Tri 101 Relaxing

At the end, had an “expert panel” where we all got up front and answered whatever questions people had:

Tri 101 Expert Panel

It was such a fun night! But now I’m exhausted. I’m headed to bed – have a good night everyone! :)


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