Ugh…I need to run.

April 20, 2014

Well, Saturday I did not want to run. My training plan is set up for me to do a long bike on Saturdays, and a long run on Sundays. I obviously haven’t exactly been following the training plan since the half though. I took Monday and Tuesday as a rest day, and then Wednesday and Thursday was back to normal. I didn’t exactly plan on biking the IMWI on Friday, but that’s when it worked best for Amy and for Mother Nature. So I figured I would do my 60-90 minute long run on Saturday, to keep the bike-run effect of the plan, and take Easter Sunday as my rest day instead.

But I was more tired than I expected and didn’t want to run. When I get in these moods, I recognize it’s generally much more about mental toughness than physical. So I knew I needed to do something different to get myself motivated. I decided to go run at High Cliff State Park. I’ve never actually run there, but I know lots of people who have and who post about it on Facebook. I also am very motivated to find some more trails to run on since running on a softer surface is supposed to be better for you than running on concrete all the time.

I figured the sense of adventure and running in nature would be enough to overcome my blahs about running. And if it didn’t, I’d rather crap out on a trail and hike back to my car than do a walk of shame back to my apartment in front of a million people driving. ;) But I was right – it worked and it was great! I did two loops following mostly the Red Bird Trail and some other hiking trail (I didn’t really know where I was going). You can compare to a map of the parkhere.

Saturday Run 4 19 14

Here’s the start of Red Bird Trail:


Running up on the ridge this time of year is probably a great idea, because you can probably see much more of the lake than you can in the summer when the trees are all grown in. It was really very pretty: IMG_2867

I mostly just took it easy and I didn’t really look at my watch much, honest. I was looking at the trail and trying not to trip on anything :) Actually I was surprised I ran as fast as I did when I uploaded the data from my Lie Detector:

Garmin Splits High Cliff Run

I’ll totally go back there to run again. I can see why everyone likes it so much.

Hope you’re having a good Easter!


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