We Run This, Miles for Meg, and the Pettit Ice Center

Jan. 18, 2014

Today is a big blog post!

I have to start with a shout out to my good friend since high school and fellow runner Rachel Goeden who runs We Run This!!

Pettit 12 Cropped Rachel and I

Rachel is such an amazing athlete! She has me beat – she’s run a 50k Ultramarathon! So far, I have not been bitten by the ultramarathon bug and I think she is totally awesome for completing one (and signing up for two more)! Rachel is a Ragnar Ambassador, which is awesome! She and her group also host women-only fun runs, and today was one of those runs!

Today’s finish line for the run was at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, WI.

From their website:

“As a U.S. Olympic Training Site, the Pettit Center has helped many U.S. speed skaters (several from Wisconsin) attain their dreams of winning Olympic medals, and has provided a location for frequent national and international competitions.”

“As the only indoor sea-level oval in the U.S. available to our country’s athletes, it is considered “mission critical” when it comes to preparing for the 2014 Olympic Game Sochi, Russia (also a sea level location).”

Now you may be saying “Wait wait wait…you’re running on ICE?!?” No. The Pettit has arunning track around the ice rink! (It is open to the public, but it does cost $4 to use it.) Runners like cold atmospheres to run in, and ice rinks are cold, so…it works!

Pettit 1

Here you can see the three-lane track, the speed skating oval, and inside that are two hockey rinks.

Pettit 4

Pettit 10 Fuzzy Track speechbubble

The run was great! Such a treat to not be on the treadmill, but also not be running on snow/ice. Thankfully, Rachel had a foot pod with her Garmin watch, so she was able to keep track of our distance. We ran 10 miles I felt great during all of it! The only caveat to running at the Pettit was that I would describe it as “cooperative running.” That is, it was pretty busy, and the runners and walkers there represented a fairly wide range of abilities. You have to be prepared to run around people and occasionally may have to run slower than planned until you get a window to pass people. Really, it wasn’t bad, but I could see where some people could find it annoying.

Lastly, I want to note that today many runners are doing virtual runs in honor of Meg Menzies, a marathoner who was killed by a drunk driver last Monday. Meg, a wife and mother of three, was a long time runner who was training for the Boston Marathon this April. I think it is very touching when the running/endurance community comes together to honor a fallen athlete, and I fully support this cause. It also reminds all of us to be careful, but more importantly to appreciate every run. RIP Meg.


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