What I Ate Wednesday

Jan. 29, 2014

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is once again last Saturday’s eating. To those unfamiliar, head over to Peas and Crayons for a detailed description of WIAW.

The day started with a 9-mile run. It was so early in the morning, I didn’t really get a chance to eat before hand. During the run I had 3 scoops of Hammer Heed powder in two water bottles, and another bottle of just water. After the run, I had to head over the Menasha Public Library to attend a live webcast of a convention being broadcast from Madison, WI. They promised free bagels, and I arrived prepared to hold them to their promise. I was pleasantly surprised that not only were there bagels, but fresh fruit too! Score! Especially because I generally don’t eat enough fruit and that’s something I’m working on improving. The poppyseed muffins were homemade, and the lady that made them seemed especially proud of them, so I made sure I took one and gave her several compliments on it.


Lunch found me at the same table, heh. I packed a lunch, because I knew I would be tempted to go out with people to some crappy fast food place if I didn’t.


Thankfully the library had a microwave they let me use. I had the last bit of barley, lentil, and veggie soup that my girlfriend made last weekend and really needed to be finished off. I also had two slices of whole wheat bread, 2 servings of blue corn chips, and apple and a banana. Again, I didn’t know there would be fruit in the morning, so I had packed these in my effort to increase my fruit intake. I actually didn’t plan on eating the clif bar, but I realized I may not have had enough protein so far after a moderate distance run, so I thought it would be a good idea. I actually ate it an hour or so later, because I was pretty full after eating the rest of lunch.

Dinner was a little lighter, because of that big lunch.


For dinner I had my homemade pasta with marina sauce. We added some tofu, mushrooms, broccoli and onions to the sauce. Yes, you read that right…I make my own pasta whenever I can, and it’s awesome :) And red wine, because….well just because. :)

For those who are interested, I thought I might share some Training Peaks data about this day’s food. I use Training Peaks to track everything I eat. It’s not as awful as it sounds, and I’ve lost about 15 pounds doing it. I should go into it in more detail in the future, but a rough calculation of the day: My resting metabolic rate is 1360 calories per day. That’s if I just sit on the couch. Most of the time you burn a few hundred more calories per day going about your business. I usually like to estimate that I burn 300-400 calories a day while I’m busy living the dream. You burn about 100 calories per mile you run. 1360 + 900 + 300 = 2,560 calories needed today. You’ll have to trust me a bit, and there’s of course some estimating because the bagels and muffin and such didn’t have nutrition labels, but once I entered everything into Training Peaks, it totaled about 2,885 calories. This may be a couple hundred more than I needed, but I’m ok with it. Again, it’s all a rough estimate. And the wine was worth the extra 125 empty calories ;)

Training Peaks gives you all kinds of automatically generated graphs. I’m always carb heavy on longer working out days – shocking, I know.

training peaks saturday 1 25 14

(The yellow is fat – it was too small to allow generated text on the graph, but it was 4% and 30 grams of my intake).

Have a great day everyone!


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