What I Ate Wednesday

March 11, 2014

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Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is from last Thursday. I wanted to pick a non-weekend day for once! Since Thursday is one of my 10 hour days at work, you also get to see that I often eat on the go, and not everything is very fancy :)

I started out the day with a whole wheat bagel (Thomas is is my favorite brand), with chunky peanut butter and a sliced apple:

Bagel Peanut and Apple slices

Then I went to the YMCA to swim with my master’s group. I swam for a total about 2,500 yards over the course of the hour. I had 1.5 scoops of Hammer Heed while swimming. No, I didn’t run beforehand which is my custom. I slept in a little too late, which may or may not have been deliberate…I plead the fifth.

On the way to work, I ate a Clif bar, which is what I usually do after swimming. I didn’t take a picture…you know what a Clif bar looks like :). This has become my after-swimming routine because I usually get to work without enough time to really sit down and eat or prepare anything, but I’m usually hungry.

Later, for lunch I had Tempeh stir fry over brown rice at about 1pm.

Tempeh Stir Fry

I haven’t posted about Tempeh yet. Tempeh is great!! It’s a soy product, just like Tofu. But it’s made with the whole soybean, rather than processing the soybeans, which is how you make tofu. They soybeans are allowed to ferment, and the mold that grows around them eventually holds them into a tight cake-like patty. I know, I know…it sounds gross. But it’s great, I swear! Anyway, it’s got a very different, more nutty texture compared to Tofu. As with setian, it’s nice to mix it up every now and then, and Tempeh is great for a change of pace. Seriously. Try it.

For dinner I had a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread while I drove back to the YMCA at about 8pm to get in that run I skipped earlier.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I was hungry and needed to eat before running, but was short on time for preparation and eating. I always keep peanut butter, jelly, and whole-wheat bread at work (among a few other things), for just that type of occasion. It’s quick and provides a good mix of simple carbs (sugar in jelly) and longer carbs (whole wheat bread) and some protein. I had about a scoop of Hammer Heed while I ran. I ran 5 miles a 9:00 mile pace, which was great for me! I didn’t have anything afterwards, because I pretty much went home and went to bed. That probably wasn’t good, but it’s what happened.

What say you, Training Peaks?

WIAW thursday

Pretty good percentages, I think. TP says I burned 2250 calories for the day, and ate 2632, for a 382 calorie difference. That seems about right to me. Remember the calories I need are based on my resting metabolic rate, and you have to account for daily activity in there, though it’s hard to know exactly how much that burns. I usually assume I burn the other 300-400 calories just living the dream. All in all, a pretty good day :)


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