What I Ate Wednesday – Scott Rigsby

April 1, 2014

Happy Hump Day! As always, this Wednesday is a What I Ate Wednesday. And credit where credit is due: the idea comes from Peas and Crayons. Today’s day is from Sunday, when we spent time with Scott Rigsby.

The day started out good! I had oatmeal with some (frozen) blueberries and strawberries, very simple. No other sweeteners or nuts or anything, so actually pretty low calorie. And some tea, of course.

Oatmeal Strawberries Blueberries 1

After that, I headed to the Neenah-Menasha YMCA to spin before running with the club and Scott. During the spin I had a Raw Energy Chocolate Cashew Almond Bar, another one of my free Powerbar Blasts packages, and 1.5 scoops of Hammer Heed dissolved in water. I didn’t have anything on the run because it was short.

Powerbar and Energy Bar

This Triathlon club event also marked the 12 year anniversary of the club, so there was CAKE! I didn’t get downstairs fast enough to get a good pic of the cake but here it is being cut:

Tri Fox Cake…and of course I had a slice:

Tri Fox Cake slice

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Five Guys with Scott. I have never been there, mostly because I’m a vegetarian and it’s a burger joint, which usually doesn’t work out well, and I really, really try to avoid fast food. So when I heard the plan to go there, I quickly googled the menu to see if there was anything vegetarian. I found they had a veggie sandwhich – SWEET! ….until I got it:

Five Guys meal

It’s really just their burger with the sad toppings in it, minus the burger. No real, good veggies. It was very underwhelming. I was starving though so I ate it, and the ridiculous amount of french fries that came with it. I do not claim this was a good nutritional decision in the slightest. I also had some peanuts, which they had there, free for the taking.

Later when I got home I made better decisions and for dinner I tried to atone for my cake-and-french-fries sins by having two wraps made with Gardien teriyaki Chick’n strips and spinach on whole wheat tortillas. Delicious!

Gardein Wraps 1Gardein Wraps 2

According to Training Peaks, I burned about 2500 calories on the spin and the run, and ate about 2750. Of course, I had to estimate the fries and the cake, so I could be a little off. But, with my estimate, I had an excess of about 250, which is pretty much what I allow myself for living the dream. I have a feeling I was pretty close to accurate because I wasn’t too full or too hungry at any point. I was pretty happy with the mix of macronutrients:

WIAW TP Scott Rigsby Day

I’m amazed I did so well considering I ate the cake and the french fries. Probably not the most nutritional though…not really. But, it’s what happened!

Hope you have a good day today!


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