When a workout doesn’t work out

Jan. 11, 2014

Well, when I was driving in my car to run with the Pacesetters today I was thinking “Gee, it sure looks icy out.” By the time I had arrived, I knew I wouldn’t be running outside. Even withyaktrax (which I forgot…of course) it was pretty slick. We had a sudden “heat wave” here recently where it got just above freezing, and so the snow melted, and last night, it all froze. It was glare ice on all the sidewalks, and I was pretty sure I would end up looking like this:


I pulled into the parking garage, and my good friend Greg pulled in right behind me. I had already texted him, telling him I would be running at the YMCA – it’s on the same block as the coffee shop where the Pacesetters meet up. He totally agreed with me. We decided to pop on in and say hello to the other pacesetters, though there were only a few brave souls. I felt better – both that clearly several other runners – and we’re a dedicated bunch! – had made the same decision, and because I had taken the time to give well wishes to those who were braver than me :)

So then we head to the YMCA, and the room with the treadmills. And what should I happen to see? About a dozen Pacesetters all on the treadmills! Apparently they all made the same decision as me, just a little before me. Greg and I both managed to get a treadmill, but neither of us had packed shorts, and although my tights are not winter tights, I was still hot…and getting hotter by the minute. I got 2 miles in and decided I was being a bit foolish trying to force a workout that clearly just wasn’t meant to work out today.

BUT!! I didn’t let that stop me. I shook it off, and later rode Delores in her indoor trainer for 2 hours. A good mix of climbing and time trials. Participating in spin classes recently has really helped me learn how to set up an indoor trainer and use positive imagery while riding. And uff da that was a hard workout! But it was totally a better decision than running in too-hot tights. And it turned my frown upside down! My legs are now plenty sore and I’m hungry. Good thing I’m off to a holiday party for work. Pro tip: Always do a long workout before going where there is free food. :)

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