Why so serious?

March 6, 2014

Well, tonight I met up with my friend Greg for our usual Wednesday night swim and weight training, but it didn’t quite end up as planned. We received an e-mail this morning that one of our fellow Tri Foxes has entered the final stage of his battle with colon cancer. I’m a newer member of the club, and this member apparently was very involved in the Tuesday night bike rides that are hard for me to make due to my work schedule, so I don’t believe I’ve met him, but it’s still very sad news. Greg knows him much better, and through his texts with me during the day I could tell he was touched by the news.

But he said it was fine to do our usual workout anyway, so off we went. When we arrived at the pool, I happened to notice the only other lap swimmer there had a Garmin Forerunner watch on. Since fancy GPS watches like these are very expensive for just lap swimming, they’re usually a dead give away that the wrist it’s attached to belongs to a triathlete.

So I *did* start swimming, I really did. But eventually the other swimmer and I both met at the wall and I said “So, you’re a triathlete?” Of course she was, and she’s training for Ironman Wisconsin too! Greg’s nickname is “chatty fox” so he couldn’t judge me, and he finally just gave in and joined us too. And we chatted and chatted and chatted….and it was great!! And I think we successfully convinced our new friend to come to Tri101 next Wednesday too. (This is a night next Wednesday that my tri club hosts that is an introduction to triathlons for newbies. I’m presenting on training plans!) I hope she does, because I’m excited to get to know her more.

This is also remarkable because – for the record – it’s the SECOND time this has happened to me in a couple weeks!! I met my other new friend Scott, also training for Ironman Wisconsin, the SAME way. I met him at the wall of the pool at the Heart of the Valley YMCA a couple Fridays ago because I noticed he has the Garmin 910xt that I have :). And as we chatted and chatted and chatted, we discovered that we both volunteered at the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin last year at the same time! *mind blown*. Small world. I felt a little bad though cuz I sorta kinda ruined his workout because unlike my friend tonight, who was done with hers, Scott was in the middle of his. BUT he was great about it and he was the one who got out of the pool to ask the lifeguard for some paper so he could write my name down and we could find each other on facebook, which we did. He accepted my friend request so I think we’re good :)

Anyway…the hardcore swim workout obviously didn’t quite work out, so Greg and I decided to just go ahead and act like the not-very-serious swimmers we were! My friend John, who coaches the YMCA swim team in the same pool on Wednesday nights and sometimes swims with the master’s group on Thursday, was there – so he took this picture of us being silly:

Greg and I Coneheads 1

We then hit the hot tub instead of weight training, and hung out for a bit afterwards just chatting. Greg said tonight – making new friends, spreading the word about the tri club, being silly, and relaxing – was just what he needed. So yeah…sometimes you need to be serious about triathlon, and your workouts end up hardcore and awesome……and sometimes you need a reminder that there’s more to life….and those workouts you end up with a cone on your head. :) Both are important, they really are.

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